The “Last” Magic Dragon

Moody Moon

“We live in an ephemeral world . . . Seasons come, seasons go . . .

Have you ever wondered: What happens to change something near and dear to us, and cause that chapter in our Lives to end?

Is it Destiny, Fate, or simply the way Life unfolds for us humans here on Planet Earth?”



Setting Orb

Remember the song, Puff the Magic Dragon, by Peter, Paul and Mary?

I remember crying as a young girl over those lyrics, so sad that little Jackie Paper would leave his friend Puff all alone . . . and move on to other interests.

Running Baby Bear!

Yet as I live on, I realize, we don’t always know in advance, when a particular time, a certain adventure, will be our Last . . .

It might be something we’ve always done. Always loved. Always adored! Yet at some point — one experience, one trip — will turn out to be: The Last.

Lani Kai Catamaran

Puff, The Magic Dragon

“Puff, the Magic Dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the Autumn mist
In a land called Honalee

Little Jackie Paper
Loved that rascal Puff
And brought him strings and sealing wax
And other fancy stuff” *

* “Puff the Magic Dragon” by Leonard Lipton (lyrics) and Peter Yarrow (music) — Peter, Paul and Mary, first recorded, 1963  (Youtube link at end of this post -DawnSeeker)

Shayla's Mermaid

Like the story of Puff and his friend, when it comes to humans — things, phases, and passions — just don’t go on forever.

They can’t. Rather they change, alter, and morph. Sometimes abruptly, sometimes subtly, as we continue to Live. Learn. Age.

Olamana Peaks

“A dragon lives forever
But not so, little boys
Painted wings and giants’ rings
Make way for other toys

One grey night it happened
Jackie Paper came no more
And Puff, that Mighty Dragon
He ceased his fearless roar”

Faery Reading

I’ve been reflecting lately on “Lasts” — how we don’t always see them coming.

Sometimes we may feel them, have a hint or a clue . . . but there is a time when we seem to outgrow even our most beloved passions.

Sliver Lining

We might let go, kicking and screaming. We might let go with a great sense of relief. We might find ourselves in shock at the notion of being “over it“.

But I’ve learned to make friends with that notion . . . at Last.


LAX -- Honolulu

My Last Aloha :))

For fourteen years, I worked in Hawaii — flying back and forth between California and Oahu/Molokai. (Every six weeks as a Farrier, shoeing and trimming horse’s hooves.)

Making over 120, ten-hour round-trip jet flights!

DawnHoof Working

Creating a business. Creating friendships. Sweating. Working. Laughing. Enduring . . .

I had lived in Hawaii in years past, and for many years, I longed to return.

To the tropics. The trade winds. The Aloha. The people.

Three Umbrellas

The camaraderie. The ocean. The food :))

So I flew. And I worked. And I trotted the beach. And I swam. (And I worked!) And I got rained on . . . Over. And over. And over. Again . . .

And yet, one trip, one Day — eventually, became my Last.

Lani Kai Cloud

And I flew home with my anvil and my horseshoes, my hammers and my nails. Complete. Now, here in my California Mountain Forest.

Satisfied. My mission there, fulfilled. Working locally now — jet-lag free :))

Home. Content with my horses and my husband, our books, and our cat . . .


My Last Ocean Swim

Then, having grown up on Trancas Beach, Malibu, being an avid Ocean Swimmer and Bodysurfer, lover of surf and sea . . .

Not a fair-weather type — COLD water, no problem — forcing myself to go in! Numb hands, numb feet, happy Soul :)) Heading out to the breakers when the faint-at-heart were content to stay home.

Santa Barbara. San Diego. Encinitas. Leucadia.

All the beachy places I’ve lived, chasing the water, the waves . . .

Sorrento. Devereux. Swami’s. Avila.

Round the Sea

Diving under massive swells. Shooting the lip.

Trancas. Zuma. County Line. Point Zero.

Raising my kids in the water, at the beach. Splashing in the shallows.

Malibu. Lani Kai. Waimea. Molokai.

Sunset Beach

Yet a couple of years ago, in the waters at Zuma, I realized that my Ocean Days were Complete. Finished. Done.

The Calling-to-my-Soul was simply no longer there . . .

I got out of the water that Day: Satisfied. Happy. Fulfilled.

Susan Clay Horse

Now, Puff the Magic Ocean-Dragon, waves to me in the surf line, and I wave, coyly, back. Happy with our “new” arrangement.

Happy to watch the surf safely, warmly, from shore . . .

Rubber Duckie

What’s Up ???

Is it that I’m growing up? Leaving behind the beloved “toys” of my youth?

Fulfilled my Soul Assignment? Satisfied my curiosity?

Graduated from that Life University Course? Gotten all I came to get from it?

Disney Merlin's Hat

Yes! I believe so.

Nowadays, I walk on into my current version of Life, in Jubilee :)) Content with My Life the way it is. Not wanting. Not aching for more.

Celebrating the Now — and still appreciating all that’s gone before — all that I’ve done that brings me, Here, to this Awesome place . . .

Barefoot Pastor

For what is Time, after all?

Surely, part of me still works there in Hawaii . . . Still swims in the Ocean. Surfs the waves. Walks the beach.

Still: Hikes. Skis. Roller skates. Rides bikes. Flies airplanes. (Yes, I’m also a pilot.)

Still does all the things I’ve always loved to do — along with Jackie Paper and Puff —


“Together they would travel
On a boat with billowed sail
Jackie kept a look-out
Perched on Puff’s gigantic tail

Noble kings and princes
Would bow whene’er they came
Pirate ships would lower their flags
When Puff roared out his name”

North Shore Dragon Head

Time Travel

Together, I still Time-Travel — with Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather — onto a (Malibu) Beach with billowed sail. I still keep a lookout perched on Life’s gigantic tail . . .

Dad at the foundation of our beach house

Dad — construction site of our Trancas Beach house, Malibu 1950s

The New. The Old. The Future. The Past.

Content. Satisfied. Fulfilled :)) Ready to face my Destiny.

Disneyland Castle

“Oh, Puff, the magic dragon
Lived by the sea
And frolicked in the Autumn mist
In a land called Honalee”

Shayla's Deck

I’ve Lived it. Loved it. Logged it.

Horses. Airplanes. Beaches. Mountains.

Happy. Now. At home. Happy. Now. At peace.

Ready for my next Chapters in Life’s Great Adventure :))


Oahu Moon

Canoe off Lani Kai

Red Leaves

Further Reflection: Hoof Work, Hawaii, four years later . . .

I find myself reflective, now, since I wrapped up 14 years of travel to and from Hawaii every six weeks, working, sweating, trimming, and shoeing horse’s hooves.

Since 2002, I traveled between Hawaii (the islands of Oahu, and Molokai) and  Southern California — working with horses! I would be two weeks over there; then four weeks to live my life here at home. Then back to my Life in the tropics. Over. And over. (And under horses, and hooves.) Again . . .


At first it was so wonderful, exotic, returning to my beloved previous home of Hawaii and back to my native California — the very best of both worlds! But over time, I made my choice. In March of 2016, I flew seven boxes of hammers, shoeing tools, horseshoes, nails — and my anvil . . . home.

And I am very happy living here in the mountains of Southern California :)) Most of my friends are in Hawaii, still. But I call them on the phone, and save the exhaustion of driving to the airport, and all that is involved with that kind of long-distance work and travel!

I remember the fear that set in when I realized that the travel was starting to lose its luster. I knew how much I had wanted it; how hard I had worked for it; the sacrifices I had made . . . I took an extra two years, really, to finally call it quits (and I’m very glad I didn’t rush it — everything just organically finished up).


Now that I’m home, and I’ve had some time to reflect on it all, I think we are not supposed to stay the same our entire lives, but rather there really is a time, a season, for certain adventures.

The great news: It’s all mine! I did it! I made 120 round-trips; swam in the aqua ocean hundreds of times; helped countless horses; made friends/acquaintances/connections that uplifted my soul and filled my heart, even now.

I know the smells and the flavors, the flowers and the textures, the sand and the water and the wind . . . I know it so well, I can return there with just a thought! :))


Life is a humbling experience. All our accomplishments are precious beyond measure. No one can ever take them from us. But like graduation from high school, college, they too, have a limit (that we often find ourselves unaware of, until they’re gone!).

The good news: Wherever we are — at travel, or humbly at “home” in the town of our choosing — our rich experiences are all still present, active, and alive. Within us. Living, shining, on! :))

Molokai Hybiscus

DawnSeeker 2020


Blue Horse

             Dawn’s a Life-long Horse Girl —

Please visit Dawn’s Horse Blog:  Soul Horse Ride :))

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…/< >\ …/< >\ …/< >\


Copyright 2020

Photos: by DawnSeeker (Dawn Jenkins); Dawn working shots, S. Curry


33 thoughts on “The “Last” Magic Dragon

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Thank you, Bearly. I LOVE your photographs and insights, by the way, and I perk up whenever I see your bear paw image pop up on my screen :)) Best to you in whatever Chapter you find yourself in. The Outlier in me appreciates the Outlier in you (I, too, have done multiple-day solo bicycle trips and horse adventures, as well as having built and lived in my own Sioux tipi. I work and spend a good time appreciating and reveling in the Great Outdoors.) Stay on the edge! (but not toooo far . . . :)) Dawn

      Liked by 1 person

  1. tanjabrittonwriter

    Thank you, Dawn.
    I love your way of viewing the changing periods in your life. I have often wondered if there is something wrong with me for having lost some of the ambition/interest of previous phases, but now I know that I had to let go to make room for some new experiences.
    I hope you are well,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Yes! I think it comes as a shock when we first experience the loss, as if we’ve lost a piece of ourselves. But it helps to put it in perspective, and realize that our lives are a tapestry, and a change in weave and pattern makes the art so much more interesting! All is well here. Rain showers today, and Spring shall soon change all our lives to greater brightness. Take care, and thank you for your thoughtful comment :)) :)) Dawn

      Liked by 1 person

  2. dfolstad58

    How wonderful your perspective is. You celebrate the past without grieving the change. I believe we need to seek contentment no matter where we are planted. In life what do we control more than our attitude?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. equinoxio21

    Thank you for this post. I do hope you have found peace. And thank you for the Peter, Paul and Mary video which I hadn’t seen. (I’d sen another before, probably recorded at the same time: same clothes). Amazing. They were so young, and so “dressed up”. Thanks for the memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. dfolstad58

    It is time I hope for you to share more memories, photos and maybe music from the islands. I have made a songlist of songs now from hawaii, and it’s a magical place. I had such an amazing visit in January with my Dad and we were up close to humpback whales.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Great :)) So much of my home is filled with painted coconuts, leis, shells, books, as well as larger pieces of art and mementos from Hawaii, I feel like I’ve never really left. (In fact, I dreamed last night that I was there again, working with horses — this one a big Palomino gelding that his owner wanted me to shoe :)) I think you will enjoy the following blog sites. Best to you!!!!! Dawn


  5. heartofahorsewoman

    I am, myself, feeling at peace with many of my “lasts”. Often there is a period of grief, knowing there is no going back. As you say, you can wave to the mighty Pacific and feel peace in your heart with new arrangement. Thank you for your reflections. Ink was the last farrier to keep my horse of the time sound. Blessings of Light and Love, Lynnea

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Rob

    I have lots of memories of that Peter, Paul and Mary album (“Moving”) with “Puff the Magic Dragon” on it playing in the background on my parent’s turntable when I was a kid in Florida. Makes me think of sun and palms and warm wind – a sort of Hawaii feeling via Florida… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Yes! What emotions and memories music evokes! I used to ride my childhood horse, Rebel, to Light My Fire, by the Doors, when it played on my small transistor radio hanging from my saddle horn in a leather pouch I sewed for it . . . great stuff! Whenever I hear that song today, I go back to those magical rides — my childhood magic-carpet-escape! Dawn


  7. detectioninspectionsllc

    Dawn, what a ride you’ve had ! As you cherish Aloha and now live in the present, isn’t it grand that life can be so fulfilling while shrouded in unknowns. I have been to Hana Lee with the cool church on the beach, but don’t know if it is associated with the beautiful song. You probably know. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Good to hear from you, and hope you are doing well in these changing times. My (former) Molokai Island home had many, many churches snuggled into verdant enclaves adjacent to tropical seas . . . my favorite church name, Gospel Shoes of Christ Jesus, out on the East End. (Molokai, an island of 8,000 residents, has 30 churches!) Stay at the Beach :)) Stay in Aloha :)) Dawn



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