Dawn - Ry Jump

My brother and I — “horse jumping” in Grandfather’s back yard :))

Working The Assignment: Step 3 — Take Action!

Two little poems from my Journal, paired with Grandfather’s vintage photographs — 1950’s -1960’s.

(This is the 3rd step in:  The Assignment, Guide to Greater Happiness)



How tempting is inaction

Beguiling us to waste

Lovely, precious moments —

Lulled by fear and haste


It really doesn’t help us

Fix what’s wrong or heal,

This lack of faith entraps us

On a downward spinning wheel


So wake up from your stupor!

Look up, breathe deep, and stand!

Put a smile upon your face

Reach out and help your fellow man!


Inaction’s completely selfish

Now you must see it so —

In order to overcome its grip

Get up, and make a go!


Dawn Jumping -- Like a Horse!


Action is the pendulum

Of life’s swift-ticking clock.

Jump onto it, swing into gear

Or opportunities shall be lost.


It’s fine to wait and ponder

When time for that is due.

But soon the clock requires of you —

Get up and play it through.


Step out from on the sidelines

Procrastinate no more!

Begin with little tasks at hand

And soon they lead to more.


The energy increases

With each new task achieved

Don’t listen to that voice

Of lazy self-defeat!


And if at last you’re weary,

Then lay your tasks to rest.

Take a breather, take a nap,

Tackle it later — when you’re fresh!


The Influence of a Sister on a Brother!


For more Action steps, go to my: Depression Emergency Kit, and Runaway (Emergency) Emotional Escape Ramp :)) Great stuff!  DawnSeeker


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Self-shadow shot


Copyright 2013


7 thoughts on “Action ~ Inaction

    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      : ~ ) When we moved to Westwood after living in Malibu, I lost my beach, and needed something physical to do. I always jumped everything I could find, cantering, like a horse (I thought ALL kids did this!).

      Grandfather offered to make me jumps, and JUMP we did! I remember clearing four feet!

      It’s neat to see this time-capsule shot preserved and digitized from Grandfather’s original slides. Thanks to cousin Andy for scanning and updating the technology!


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thanks! A good reminder, too. I’ve found myself getting more done just from posting these two little poems! :-))

      Hope all’s well in your world . . . Remember, Action is King!


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