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“Sometimes — You’ll Surprise Yourself”

My Mom had a wonderful insight. She shared it with me once, and it’s come back to me many times in the twenty years since she’s passed from this physical realm.

“Honey, you think you know yourself. You think you know how you’ll react in a certain situation.”

“But sometimes — you’ll surprise yourself!” (with how you react)

Random Rainbow off of California en route Hawaii

I thought of Mom recently, when, again, I found my reaction to a certain situation unsettling!

“I’m losing it right now!!! What’s wrong with me?????”

Yet when I find myself “surprising myself”, miffed at my own reactions — I think of Mom, and marvel at her wisdom.

I look up, and say, “Well Mom, you’re right. I certainly am surprising myself right now!”

And somehow, just the act of making that statement, taking that pause, that self-reflection — helps!

Just knowing that she warned me. That she left me with her sage reflections.


Hawaiian Skies

Steps to Stop the Downfall . . .

So here are my Strategies that seem to help curtail the downfall of my emotions:

1.) Rather than judge and self-condemn — adding to my anxiety or fear . . .

2.) Stop! Step outside of my emotional response, and (again) recognize my human foibles. (See my Runaway (Emotional) Emergency Escape Ramp.)

3.) Accept my human faults and frailties — even laugh!!! :)) Crazy-drama me :)) (See my previous post, Crazy-Drama Syndrome.)

4.) Do my best to re-focus, and move on.

5.) Take a deep breath, and let it all go . . .

Kissing Cousins


Thank you, Mom, for leaving me with your words of wisdom.

Thank you for preparing me for the moments I feel out of control.

May I look to what I’ve learned in dealing with my foibles — lessons honed from a Life filled with HORSES! (See my post, Ride Life! The Reins . . . )

May I strive to be the best version of Dawn I can possibly be.

And, hopefully, Mom, you’ll look out from where you are now — and see me — and smile :))



Happy Baby :))


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White Horse in Green


Copyright 2019

Photos: by DawnSeeker

Vintage Photo: Grandfather’s archive (courtesy of Cousin Andy :))



16 thoughts on ““Sometimes — You’ll Surprise Yourself”

  1. Pam Vernon

    how true, our mums (as Kiwis call their mothers) are always with us 🙂 My mama has a sixth sense, I always remember that. I’m thankful she taught us to heed our gut feelings or sixth sense. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      So fantastic, and great to hear from you :)) Thank heavens for the wisdom our elders showed and shared with us. My Mom referred to that sixth sense voice as “Birdie”. “Your Birdie voice will tell you what to do,” she would say. Lovely to say, I talked with my own daughter yesterday, and told her the same thing :)) The best thing is, I know her Birdie will — and I know she will listen. Please take care, Pam ~ Dawn


      1. Pam Vernon

        THat’s lovely Dawn …. my mum used to refer to birds as ‘birdie’ too … but she would say ‘an inner voice just kept telling me ….’. She declined an ear op for my brother in the era you didn’t do that (’40s) as doctors knew best … turns out it was as well she did as he would’ve gone deaf. Very reliable that little birdie 🙂 You take care too Dawn x

        Liked by 1 person


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