Vibrant California Rainbow

Intuition . . . Speaks


What is it?

How do we identify it?

Define it?

. . . So illusive. So hard to nail down . . .

Twilight Sky

It seems to emerge from a fluttering, ethereal, nearby type of 6th sense.

A glimmer.

A feel.

A taste.

A shift.

Ghostly Orbs Pinos

Alerting me that something is up . . .

A buzz.

A dream.

A sense.

A peripheral glimpse — something from the sidelines . . .

Round Rainbow

However ephemeral, this intuitive function somehow finds a way into my world from wherever it normally dwells, rumpling its reality up against my own.

Prompting me that something important is near . . .


Someone to meet.

Somewhere to go.

Listen! Look!

Stop! Wait!

Lani Kai Sail Board

Most of the important events of my Life seem to have found their origins in this other-worldly realm.

Jobs, husband, kids. Moves, upheavals, salvation.

An inner knowing.

A voice.

A flash of light.

A synchronicity.

Disneyland Night Lights

Time seems to freeze. Colors grow bright. Exterior scenes pale. And it speaks to me, deep in my Soul. Right when I need an answer . . .

A piece of music.

A gust of wind.

A celestial alignment.

A cosmic event.

Iwa Bird in Flight

Preparing me. Alerting me. Open up! Listen!


An animal.

A bird.

Representing a loved one.

Reassuring me that all is well . . .

Grateful Squirrel

The signs are all around me . . . dropping in. Waking me up from a dead sleep — more than once, saving the lives of those I love!

Wake up!

Get up!



Signs -- Greenleaf Springs

So I’ve learned to listen. Trust. Tune in to the elements surrounding me. Guiding me. Reassuring me . . .


A daydream.

A vision.

A tinge.

A feeling of elation, or dread.


Intuition speaks. But it’s up to me to listen. Take heed.

Open up and allow the messages to guide me.

Fine-tuning my Life by the synchronicity. The timing — virtually dropping in.

And for this magical momentum, I thank Heavens!!!!


Vortex off Catalina


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Cloud Shadows


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