Malibu Twilight


“Good girl, Dawn!”

“You’re a very good girl!”

I heard myself say it to — myself — again, today.

I heard myself say it to my horse, last night.

And I realize how far I’ve come . . .



A few years back I caught myself, saying stuff in my mind, even out loud, to berate and belittle myself, that I would never say to someone else.

It was hurtful. Non-productive.

It was a habit, and it was bad . . .

And I had to stop.

And I had to have a little talk with myself.

And I made up my mind, that if I wouldn’t say it to someone else, it wasn’t exactly helpful to say to me!!!

And I did a little self-accounting. And I put a little Angel on my shoulder.

And I asked my Angel to please point out and make me aware whenever I would be mean to me. To remind me . . .

To STOP!!!

Saint Francis statue


Yes, I can check myself and notice when I’m off track. I can listen to my self-criticism and add the needed correction to my course.

But I’m not allowed to berate myself. Nor anyone else . . . (Oops! Still working on this one, too!!!)


Mentor at Dusk

Just Like Training a Horse :))

It’s like training one of my horses. If they go off behavior, off course, I can give them an immediate check to get their attention back. A pull of a rein, a shake of a rope, a tap or a smack.

But once I’ve got their attention, I have to re-direct them back to what I want.

“That’s a good girl! Come on now, let’s go . . . ”

Same thing with me.

If I go on a tirade, I can give myself a tap, a smack, to stop the tirade . . . and then I must re-direct myself back to the task at hand.

I must STOP. I must ask . . .

“What do I need to be doing right now???”

And I must — do that!!!

“Good girl!”

Just like with my horses, I work poorly with hounding and criticism.

I work best with encouraging words and vocal tones. Cookies and pats and praises. Giggles and sorbet and chocolate.



WordPress Blogging Community :))

And the supportive WordPress blogging community greatly encourages with soothing, upbeat comments.

(So many of you took the time to reach out to me in my moment of funk last week, and that meant so much to me :)) :)) :)) To be heard. Understood.

. . . Still, many bloggers out there seem to be stuck. Depressed. Down. Struggling . . .

I’m hoping that by sharing my process, my Ups, my Downs, and how I work my Life Strategies — we can all band together, for Goodness sake.

Grow. Learn. Share inspirations.

Offer, and receive, support.

Be there for one another . . .

Find a way to climb up, out of the funk.

Into the fullness Life has to offer each one of us  :))

East End Molokai

I’m wishing us all the best!!!

In Self-talk. Self-thoughts.

And in our thoughts and talk, to and about, those around us.

Let’s ride our Lives like we do (or would) our horses.

Put an Angel on our shoulders to remind us when we get off track.

Give ourselves a little smack — and then re-direct — up to what we really want our Lives to be about :))

As my Malibu friend, Pastor Scott O’Neal, always says: “Go give ’em Heaven!!!”

Encourage one another.

Connect. Listen.

Share those soothing comments.

Let our Light shine into the darkness that another might be having right now.

Hibiscus by the

With all that’s been going on lately, we all can use a little Heaven!

(And listen to a little upbeat music:))

Dawn :))




For more Life Strategies see: Depression Emergency Kit, and Runaway (Emotional) Emergency Escape Ramp


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Crystal Horse


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17 thoughts on “Self-Talk

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Yes :)) Thought of you today, Patricia, when I loved-up my sweet cat this morning, wrapped in a towel, re-administering worm medication (at the 21-day interval recommended). “This is because I love you. It will be quick. We have to do this for two more days, to get rid of those awful worms. You good kitty! You good girl!!!” Thanks to you, I have a method for working with her :)) Thank you Patricia :))


  1. Wind Kisses

    Glad you are feeling better. Yes. Self talk has a way of letting us figure it out. I admire you for being able to eloquently journal your emotions. That too is a gift. I am going to remember “go give them heaven”. Great advice. Love ya.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Thanks for the writing encouragement :)) This thing we call Life has so many dips and valleys, vistas and peaks. Feels great when we’re on the mountaintops, but the journey back can be treacherous :)) Enjoy! Love you too!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. traildazed

    Hey Dawn! It was really great meeting you guys this weekend, and we really enjoyed talking with you guys! One of my greatest life pleasures is meeting kind people on my adventures. Hope all is well, and enjoying the blogs! Take care and hope to run into y’all up the road!


    Liked by 2 people

  3. micheleballantyne

    Well said Dawn! What are you written reminds me of something my daughter learned in a self-help program she went to. The teacher called those negative talkers in her head the dot people. And like you have done, he taught them to recognize it and say the truth instead. The truth is usually the opposite of what the negative is trying to impose. Excellent post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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