Malibu Twilight

Gratitude Is . . .

In looking through my Journal I discovered this colorful, long-ago Gratitude List. I smile in reading it now — and hope you will do the same.  :))   DawnSeeker

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is a wavelet glinting aqua kaleidoscopes in an endless sea.

Gratitude is a cottonwood leaf dancing in the morning breeze.

Gratitude is a tall cloud, puffy white and gray, tinged with pink at the end of the day.

Gratitude is a nicker from your favorite horse. And her soft muzzle in your hand.

Gratitude is a healing balm that melts away life’s sorrows.

Lani Kai Cloud

Gratitude is getting out of bed in the morning.

Gratitude is doing something for someone else.

Gratitude permeates God’s being.

Gratitude is God’s gift to mankind.

Gratitude is a recipe for making it through a challenging day.

Gratitude is a hug that makes it all better.

Grateful Squirrel

Gratitude is always an option. Today, now, and forever.

Gratitude moves the mountains of stubborn resentment.

Gratitude is what your Grandmother was trying to tell you about.

Gratitude is requisite to living.

Gratitude works miracles.

Gratitude pays the bills.

Gratitude is life’s greatest gift.

Waimanalo Sunset

Gratitude exudes forgiveness.

Gratitude saves face.

Gratitude beats unemployment.

Gratitude is more valuable than gold or gasoline.

Gratitude opens a door to the infinite.

Gratitude lets light in.

Cloud Shadows

Gratitude precedes daybreak.

Gratitude is a verb.

Gratitude really works.

Gratitude heals.

Gratitude beats the Stock Market.

Gratitude tastes better than Starbucks.

Gratitude is free.

Fall Leaf Shadow Bells

Gratitude is a no-brainer.

Gratitude accesses the God-realm.

Gratitude washes away emotional pain.

Gratitude outlasts hatred.

Gratitude annihilates resentment.

Gratitude is counter-intuitive.

Kaunakakai Wharf Sunrise 3-05

Gratitude opens a window to heaven.

Gratitude is shade to the sunlight of a parched desert.

Gratitude is what’s left when all else fails.

Gratitude soothes the greatest sorrow.

Gratitude gives life meaning.

Gratitude clears the clouds of a foggy day.

Malibu Fog

Gratitude solves life’s greatest challenges.

Gratitude spells contentment.

Gratitude lives.

Gratitude gives.

Gratitude loves.

Gratitude is.


Draft Horses

Gratitude is a hoof galloping soundly.

Gratitude cure’s life’s ills.

Gratitude is a magical elixir.

Gratitude spells success.

Gratitude overcomes sorrows.

Gratitude makes life worth living.

Gratitude creates goodness.

Up in the Air!

Gratitude is the starting place on life’s runway.

Gratitude is where we begin to grow up.

Gratitude is what your mom really meant.

Gratitude feeds the hungry.

Gratitude makes a bad hair day work.


Gratitude fixes your wardrobe.

Gratitude is a steaming cup of coffee on a cold day.

Gratitude is sitting in front of a wood fire.

Gratitude is a spring meadow of wildflowers.

Gratitude is a mountain stream gushing past aspen trees.

Gratitude is being together with family.

Gratitude is friendship.

Gratitude never fails.


Morning Glory


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17 thoughts on “Graditude Is . . .

  1. Dalo 2013

    There is not a better feeling ~ somehow when I have feelings of gratitude, I feel like I am on top of the world. Beautiful post… a great way to start a day.


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    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thanks, John. Yes, Gratitude truly is a healing balm. It lifts us out of both the simple doldrums and the temptations of despair! The secret comes in the remembering: keeping my mind tuned in :))


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