Re-Blog: Horseman’s Prayer of Praise

In wrapping up my first year of this ‘here online journal, I decided to re-blog the following – from my own ‘sister’ blog, SoulHorseRide.

In a way it’s fitting. Because this Prayer utilizes the Strategies I learned from my Personal Yoda (see: The Assignment: Guide to Greater Happiness) to solve the problem at hand – feeding and caring for my horses in a down economy.

Some of you already follow SoulHorseRide. Others might not know it exists. But please check out this other aspect of my world.

(I’m a life-long horse girl, and also a farrier I trim hooves and nail on horseshoes which gives me lots to be philosophical about!)

Remember the words of my Yoda: “You must thank God for all things, the good and the bad! Because all things work together for good . . . ”  (from Romans 8:28)

Happy New Year to all!  Keep the Faith. Keep using the Strategies. And above all, keep singing Praises for all the good we truly have!


Horseman’s Prayer of Praise

As I reflect on my lifelong love – and commitment – to horses, I remember wondering at times: Will I be able to care for them? Feed them? Keep them?

Thus far I’ve raised four generations, and at times it’s been absolutely challenging. The economy. The weather. Moves. Marriage. Children. Divorce. Work. Health.

I wrote this poem with heart-felt angst after the economy dropped – going into winter’s snow and cold – December 2008. At that time I truly didn’t know how things would work out.

Thus its special meaning to me, because, indeed, God came through. : ~ )

Times got tough. We tightened our belts. Our family had to work long and hard. Yet our horses continued to be well-fed and cared for. And I consider that one of the Major Miracles of my life!

I believe God hears our cries – and also our praises. I believe we’re tasked with the job of praise! So Horsemen, keep the faith going into winter this year . . .

Lord God, hear our Horsemen’s Prayer:

Horseman’s Prayer of Praise

Bless my horse, Lord God above,

Bless his gentle soul.

Keep him fat, keep him sleek

Keep him warm from cold.


Help me, God, my horse to keep

In good times and in bad.

Fodder in his feeder deep

And what ‘ere he needs to have.


I praise You for creating him

For entrusting him to my care.

For when life presses hard on me

My horse is always there.

His ears prick forth when I arrive,

Nostrils nicker hello

Happy hooves trod my way

And follow where ere I go.


Willingly he bears my weight,

Without complaint he soars

Where ‘ere I wish, he doth me take

As one who doth adore.


For You have made him strong and fast,

Faithful, swift and true.

Bless his soul where ‘ere he goes

For he’s my constant blessing from You.


And when he’s gone into the earth

Receive his gentle soul

For he’s lived his life with love and grace –

And fulfilled his earthly goal.


Starboy and Fae lounging in snow


Like what you’ve read here? Visit Dawn’s sister blog: Soul Horse Ride

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Copyright 2008, 2013

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