Depression Emergency Kit

Depression Emergency Kit Part 2:

Making Your Custom Depression Emergency Kit


Action is King

I have a saying: Action is King!

Because taking Action – doing something – shifts energy. And in order to kick Depression, we need a shift in our energy.

Sounds simple, right?

The problem is, when we’re Depressed, we can’t think of what to do. We get cloudy. We get stuck.

Energy Gone Awry

In my previous posts on Depression I shared my discovery: Depression isn’t what we think it is. It’s not really caused by the circumstances we attribute to it.

Depression boils down to one thing: Energy. Depression is Energy gone awry.

In Depression, energy spirals Inward.

Our goal in Overcoming Depression: Reverse it – send our energy Outward.

(If you haven’t already read When Down is Up, and Understanding Depression: Thermostats, Automobiles and Airplanes, please do so, as these previous posts set the stage for this next step — or just scroll down, and read them next on this page.)

Bellanca Beckons

Apply Energy Outward – Full Thrust!

As noted in my previous post, we can learn something from pilots about airplanes. In order for an airplane to fly, the pilot must apply all of its throttle, all of its thrust.

In order to kick Depression we must apply all of our energy into an Outward endeavor, thus shifting our energy – and freeing ourselves of the “gravity” of Depression.

Depression Emergency Kit

Several years ago I came up with an idea. Just like we have a First Aid Kit on hand for when we get scrapes, cuts and bruises, I designed my own Custom Depression Emergency Kit. I’ve worked with it since, and it’s really helped.

I’m sharing my Kit with you now, so that you might make one, too.

Your Kit is your tool, your Solution for Depression. Your very-own List of ready-to-go Strategies and Action-steps designed to pull you Up when you are Down.

Bellanca Dash

The Purpose of your Kit is Threefold:

1) Shift your Energy – from Inward to Outward

2) Propel you into Action

3)  Raise You Up and Out of Depression

It’s best to work on your Kit before you need it. However, this is rarely the case. So go ahead and work on your Kit while you’re Down, but remember – keep working and adding to your Kit when you feel better.

An Earthquake Kit still does good after the quake – it prepares you for the next one. And since the experience is recent, you’ll have even better ideas about what you’ll need to include…

Making Your Custom Depression Emergency Kit

Begin by gathering up a List of Strategies, ideas, activities, pep talks, affirmations, sayings, resources and quotes… that you can turn to when you’re Down.

Shadow Prop

Here we go, pilots. It’s time to prepare our Check List!

The List:

1) Make a List of the things you like to do:

* Write a poem
* Read a book
* Take a hike
* Ride a bike

Brainstorm a big long List of stuff that speaks to your soul:

* Sketch
* Journal
* Paint
* Dance
* Sing

This becomes the backbone of your Kit.

Engin Rolling

2) Save The List!

* Store your List in a Folder on the Desktop of your Computer (My Desktop Folder is labeled: DEK – Depression Emergency Kit)

Having it on the Desktop is important, because when you’re falling down the rabbit hole you’ll need to find it easily, without a lot of distractions that even opening a program can bring…

* Print it out in case of Computer Failure! Keep the Print-out where you know you’ll easily find it.

My friend, “J”, keeps his as a written scroll, rolled and tucked into his curtain blinds. He knows his pattern. When he gets into a Funk, he curls onto the couch and pulls down the blinds to shut out the light. That’s when his scroll falls onto the floor, and his Kit helps lift him into action and out of despair…

And his Kit really works!

“J” told me that since working with his Kit in this way, he’s avoided the depths of despair he previously would have gone to. Pretty Cool Awesome Fantastic stuff!

Red Wing, Red Dirt

3) Continue adding to your List

As more ideas come, Brainstorm the things that will help get your attention Off Yourself and Shift your energy Outwards.

* Listen to uplifting music
* Pray for someone else
* Clean the house
* Cook (something healthy…)

Wings over Oahu 2

4) Add pep talks, quotes, wisdom, sayings, affirmations – anything that might speak to your soul and pull you Up when you’re Down.

* Just do my best. The rest will take care of itself…
* God is with me!!!
* Everything always works out!!!! (Note personal examples from my Life of this ~ like, I didn’t die on Molokai (near-head-on accident), and all the close-calls and near-misses that I’ve been saved from . . . See: My Miracle Book)
* Work within the realm of Quantum Physics! (see what I want, not what I fear)

* Telepathic communication is REAL. God is REAL
* Prayer works! God is Good ~ ALL THE TIME!!! (See: My Yoda Story)
* It isn’t all about me! There is always a bigger picture!
* Reach out and help someone else!!!


5) Add an “Emergency Call List” with names and numbers of a few safe people you can call when you’re down. Be very careful here – write only the few select people you really trust to listen and be there for you!

(If you think it’s best, call these people in advance. Tell them what your plan is – that you’re working on overcoming Depression. Ask if it’s OK to call them when you’re Down. This, in itself, is a very powerful, wise – and vulnerable – thing to do!)

Warning: There will be people who are NOT safe to be on your Call List. You might want to make a list of who to AVOID CALLING so you won’t fall into the trap of calling someone for support who will offset you, instead of Uplift.

6) Keep working and updating your List. Add ideas and inspirations as the come…


Some of the things I’ve included in my list:

Add foods and/or supplements – both those to consume and those to avoid, that cause a bad reaction

* B vitamins
* Calming herbs and formulas (Ashwagandha, Kava kava, maca, etc.)
* Wild yam progesterone (hormone) creme (for women)
* Feel-good foods: smoked salmon, avocado, walnuts, coconut oil…

* Avoid caffeine (coffee)
* Avoid sugar, wheat, carbs…

Add healing modalities

* Acupuncture
* Massage
* Hot Tub
* Chiropractic

Taxiway to Reef Runway

Add self-help strategies

* Breathe!
* Stretch
* Detox – internal cleanse
* Detox – foot bath (Bentonite clay)
* Mineral Bath

Add other good ideas

* Go outside!
* Exercise
* Don’t isolate – reach out to someone else
* Take care of my work!
* Read this list and do it!

Red Wing, Aqua Water, Palms

Add more words of wisdom

* Accept the inevitable
* Remember, I’m a human on Planet Earth – “stuff” happens!
* Everybody struggles, everyone has to find their own way
* It could be worse – I could be _________________
* Know that Life is for learning – see what I can learn from these difficult times

Research and Add more files to your Folder

* Brainstorm your own ideas, analogies, insights into Depression
* Be on the lookout for cool blogs, websites, resources
* Copy online articles, posts, links, photos, inspirations
* Label and store these as files in your Folder, so you can continue to gain inspiration from them…


When you’re Down:

* Call Up The List, read it over, and take some form of ACTION!

* Pick something from The List and Do It!

* Taking Action will help you shift your energy – that’s the goal – shifting your energy from Inward to Outward. Kicking Depression in the proverbial arss!

Airport Overview

* Keep note of what works for you. Keep updating, upgrading, re-working your Kit.

* Make it real – let it assist you.

* Know that Depression is a choice. An energy choice. And you do have say-so in the matter!

* Research Near Death Experiences – I’ve found these fascinating stories inspirational as to how to live my Life. The Other Side is closer than we think!

Taxi way

So that’s been my process. I hope your Kit helps you like it’s helped me.

Thanks to what I’ve learned from using my Kit, I’ve found myself actually stopping mid-way into an emotional-meltdown and thinking – Oh, my energy is going Inward right now. I have to take Action and shift my energy OUTWARD.

And I’ve succeeded in thwarting the meltdown!!! Pretty cool stuff!


So now that I’ve shared some of mine, what’s on your List? What works for you?

When you get your List up and running, let me know how it goes. I can’t wait to hear!

Ready to Roll

OK pilots  what’s stopping you now?

Climb Up into the cockpit and get ready to roll.

You have Clearance from the Tower…

Hands on the throttle.

Prepare to push it all the way.

Ready  Set – (In the words of Peter Pan at the ride at Disneyland . . .)

“Come on, everybody! Here we gooooo!”

Up in the Air!


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Depression Emergency Kit Part 1:

Understanding Depression — Thermostats, Automobiles and Airplanes

On the Wing . . .

On the topic of Funk, of Depression, and in preparation for creating my own custom Emergency Depression Kit, I’ve brainstormed a bit and I’ll share it here with you.

Understanding Depression

“We mentally blow up depression into something even bigger! We assign depression special meaning that cheerfulness doesn’t get.” DawnSeeker

Let’s examine depression, figure out how it works and where it’s coming from, so we can come up with our kick-ass Depression Emergency Kit!

We are Spiritual Beings in a Physical, Material World

The reality is, we are Spiritual beings stuck here in this physical, material world. That means we’re always going to feel somewhat out of place here, out of sync. Because we don’t really come from here. We pass through this beautiful green Earth. We vacation here for a life-time, and move on. . .

Birth and death are so similar. I remember my two daughters’ births. Wide innocent eyes staring deep into my soul, freshly delivered from another realm. Such a marvel.

And my Uncle Lloyd, before he passed, his eyes bright, dancing, greeting me in the hospital when I came to visit him. So happy to see me!

Life certainly seems to run in a circle. A vortex. (I imagine a big dust devil.)

Riding through Life in one of those can’t be easy! That’s the emotional mess we find ourselves in.

Don’t Freak Out – Prepare!

So I think it helps to know that a certain amount of Funk, Down, (Depression), is going to happen. It’s perfectly normal and to be expected. Not something to freak out over. (See: When Down is Up)

We don’t freak out over nightfall. We don’t freak out over a snowstorm. We already know what to do. We prepare.

We turn on the lights, bring in the wood, and stoke up our stoves to stay warm.

In the long-run, we wait out the storm. Passing the time as best we can. But the storm will pass.

The analogies must be endless. Between moodiness and other aspects of our everyday, physical world. The counterpart world to our spirituality  where the cold-front of matter butts up against the volatile volition of its other-dimensional inhabitants!

Depression — Energy gone awry

Depression boils down to one thing: Energy. Depression is Energy gone awry.

Depression is not merely a physical problem. It’s an energetic problem. It comes from a subtle shift in attitude, shift in energy, and it can either be accelerated – or stopped and reversed from there.

Dealing with depression is similar to mastering an art, a craft. When we have the training, the understanding, the tools – when we know how to work it, we can accomplish our task!

Depression Increases Depression

Part of what brings us down is the fact that we are down in the first place.

We say to our self: “Oh NO! I’m depressed! This is awful! This is something bad! Something bad has happened, and it’s going to get WORSE!”

And we believe it! (This Self-talk is important – we’ll examine it later.)

But this is merely our own interpretation, our own internalization, at-the-moment compromised by the shadow of depression.

Selective Memory

Remember, we have short memories. We tend to forget nuance over time. We tend to update and correct our memory files to fit the slant we’ve already assigned to Life.

So when we find ourselves depressed, we easily forget that these emotional lows will happen from time to time.

We mentally blow up depression into something even bigger! We assign depression special meaning that cheerfulness doesn’t get.

Depression is NORMAL

We are humans here on planet earth. Stuff happens!

We have jobs and school and people in our Lives. We have bills and sickness, and people around us even die. We even die!

No wonder we get depressed!

We, as humans, experience a full spectrum of emotions!

Happiness, elation, anger, grief . . .

How Do I React?

Ever since the beginning of time, humans have faced Life’s challenges. But it’s not the challenges that should concern me, but rather my reaction to the challenges in my Life.

That is the only thing I truly have a chance at controlling – how I react.

By understanding what I’m dealing with, and having a strategy, planned and ready in advance, I hope to ward off the worst of my sagging emotions, turn the down-cycle around sooner, and be back on my jolly good path.

Spiraling Downward . . .

The problem occurs when the normal ‘lows’ of Life go even farther.

And when we fixate on the depression, it seems to stick around! It seems to spiral deeper.

But of course, we know all this rationally. We know all this stuff when we’re ‘up’.

But what to do in the throws of depression? How do we save ourselves from the downward spinning cycle, from getting sucked into the rabbit hole itself?

Let’s look at what I call: The Thermostat Approach.

The Thermostat Approach

Let’s look at it this way. The reason we have a thermostat in our homes and offices is to keep the temperature relatively consistent – so that we don’t get too hot or too cold.

Before the invention of the thermostat, someone had to manually stoke the fire or turn the heat up or down.

(Years ago, my husband worked for a spoiled, wealthy heir to the thermostat’s inventor. Think of that. Someone’s out there living the high-life off of the original thermostat. That’s almost enough to get you depressed!)

Some heat sources, like the old apartment radiators, could not be adjusted at all, leaving a person either too stifled or too chilly. And nothing could be done about it.

Depressed yet?

But with a good heating/cooling system and a working thermostat, the cat’s in the bag.

We stay comfortable because we experience a relatively small margin of temperature change.

Depression Thermostat

Since depression, like heat in the summer and cold in the winter, is part of Life, we need to plan for it, not just let it catch us off-guard. We need to have a good thermostat to even things out.

We need a depression thermostat!

(Hey, any chance my heirs will get royalties off of this invention? Didn’t think so.)

The problem really isn’t the depression. It isn’t even the heat or the cold. The problem is one of regulation: Keeping emotions in check, within a comfortable, “normal” range.

So how do we go about doing that? What kind of thermostat must we employ?

To find the answer, let’s look at two other vehicles, two other mechanisms.

Automobiles and Airplanes

“I believe that depression stems from unfamiliarity with our “craft”. Yes, we own it, operate it – our “craft” comprised of body, mind and soul – but perhaps we were never really trained how to get the most out of it. We were never really trained how to fly it!”

“We spend our lives driving our fantastic winged airplanes around like Volkswagens, never leaving the parking lot! No wonder we’re depressed.” DawnSeeker

Brakes in a Car

What would happen if you were to drive your car without brakes? Clearly not recommended!

Brakes check the speed of the vehicle to enable normal maneuvering. Without brakes, a car is rendered useless.

And that’s how we feel in the midst of depression. Useless! Hopeless! Careening down the road of Life without brakes.

(I must say, this has been the topic of many nightmares!)

Stop and Go

Because when we are afraid of not being able to stop, we then become afraid to go.

We freeze into a tail-spinning standstill.

Even worse, we seem to be cascading out of control backwards, with no hope of finding a way out. . .

We become like Wile E. Coyote. Frozen. Eyes staring for a moment. “Beep, beep!” And then vanishing off of a cliff.

Emotional Brake-Job

In driving a car, stopping and going are normal parts of life: As long as the engine and the brakes work! (It helps to have a coherent driver, as well!)

Depression is akin to failing brakes. And somehow it also kills the engine.

Really we need an emotional brake-job. And perhaps, once the brakes work again, an emotional-engine overhaul!

Depending on how rusty we are at running down the road, like my ’99 Jeep did recently, we may need a large amount of repair.

But where do we start? How do we surface from the mess we’re in?

Let’s examine one more mechanism.

Depression from a Flight-Based Model

Think about an airplane. I’m a third generation pilot with 300 hours of flight, so I know a thing or two about this topic.

Airplane vs. Car

An airplane is a lot like a car, but very different.

Both are used for transportation. Both have steering wheel mechanisms, some form of applying gas (thrust) and brakes.

But from there, the differences begin. (Follow me, if you will.)

Cars are satisfied with driving around on the two-dimensions of Terra Firma: Right, left, stop, go.

Airplanes break free of Mother Earth and involve the third dimension: Up, down.

Airplanes involve “lift” which the wing provides. But the wing only creates lift at a certain speed.

Flying requires enough thrust to create the lift that breaks the craft free of gravity, and sends it into the atmosphere.

Obviously, the most dangerous time in flight are the take-offs and landings.

In-flight incidents may involve mid-air collision or something technical going awry. But take-offs and landings are the most vulnerable points.

Isn’t that Similar to Depression?

My depression generally starts in the morning, in the take-off phase of my day.

Sometimes I’m hit with a mid-air collision of some sort, when bad news or events occur during the course of the day. (See: Runaway Emotional Emergency Escape Ramp)

Other times, insomnia hits, for example, in the landing phase, the time for letting down and coming to rest. . .

Most of us are not as familiar with flight as we are with driving a car. So we go about attempting to manage our moods from an almost two-dimensional, ground-based, “automobillic” type of rationale.

(Note the term itself: Automobile. Automatic. Automated. Automaton… Hint hint!)

We apply a little gas here, press on the brake there. Turn the wheel. And wonder why we’re still depressed.

Lessons From a Pilot

What can we learn from a pilot and his craft? Can his model for planning, safety, and achieving aerodynamics help us with our Depression and Mood Swings?

I believe that depression stems from unfamiliarity with our “craft”. Yes, we own it, operate it – our “craft” comprised of body, mind and soul – but perhaps we were never really trained how to get the most out of it. We were never trained how to fly it!

We spend our Lives driving our fantastic winged airplanes around like Volkswagens, never leaving the parking lot! No wonder we’re depressed.

Pilots trained in discipline. In protocol

Pilots are trained in specific protocols for safety, including pre-flight checks – done every time they fly — verbally checking off each item on the list out loud, least something be forgotten.

Breaking protocol puts pilots and the public at risk. Without following disciplined protocol, even just once, many pilots have lost their lives.

I met a pilot once waiting-out a low-visibility, fogged-in weather pattern for three long days. He told me: “I have a written set of my own flight minimums (ie. visibility, cloud ceilings, etc.).  Unless the weather clears those minimums, I don’t fly. Following this is what’s kept me alive…”

You see, there is the temptation to cheat a bit. Just a little bit. Maybe the fog will clear after all. And I’ll be able to get out. Maybe the storm won’t hit like the weatherman predicts. After all, I really need to get off the ground, to make the meeting, to make the sale… to get the boss where he needs to go…

Unfortunately accidents happen. And the vast majority of airplane (and car) accidents are caused by human error.

So before a pilot gets into his plane, he does his homework: Plans his route (checking for closed air space, navigational aids down for servicing, etc.); checks into the weather (current wind, altimeter, airport and atmospheric conditions); minimizes his risk.

In other words, he has to know what to expect from the day. Before he gets in his airplane. Before he tries to take off. 

The Importance of Thrust

Then, after our pilot has performed his pre-flight exam (checking over the working parts of his craft), run-up his engines (to make sure they’re purring and not sputtering), and gotten permission from the Tower to roll, he does the most amazing thing!

Just like a race car driver at the Drag Races, every time an airplane takes off, leaving behind the confines of gravity, the pilot pushes the throttle all the way in, petal-to-the-metal.

Every time!

Because without full throttle, either the runway runs out, or the airplane won’t create the lift required to fly.

(When do we ever do this with our cars, by the way? Passing, perhaps. But that’s about it. We would ruin our cars, wear out our brakes, crash and kill people by stepping full-throttle on our gas pedal while driving around town.)

Now how does all this apply to depression?

In order to overcome the downward, spiraling energy of depression, in order to rise out of our earthbound-Volkswagen-thinking, full-throttle is required.

The Ultimate Thermostat Kick!

Let’s follow our analogy between Depression and the Automobile, and add to it what we’ve learned about the Airplane.

Lets learn to become the pilots of our Lives – and put together protocol and our own written minimums, designed to keep us safe.

Then, when we’re ready, let’s put the throttle to the metal and get off the ground!

Remember, in order for a physical body (airplane) to get off the ground, it has to apply every available ounce of thrust.

Think about that! Flight is the result of an all-out-application of energy! It’s our roll-model for the ultimate Thermostat Kick!

And how do we apply this concentration of full-throttle thrust in our Lives?

We get off our butts and DO SOMETHING! Take ACTION. Rev up our retrorockets and shift into gear! (See: The Assignment, Guide to Greater Happiness)

Get ready to get off the couch, slouchers. This is the TOWER talking: Get ready to roll!


Bellanca Beckons


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When Down is Up


FUNK: Fractured Ungainly Negative Knockout

I’m there again now, the sinking feeling of FUNK. Simple, really — just the wilting human emotions that we all experience from time to time.

I know the way Out. I really do. But sometimes I just want to feel the familiar tug, as if somehow it reminds me, I’m alive.

Because dead people don’t experience Funk. Only living, breathing beings experience the sagging emotions we regard as Down.


Why do I cling to my muddled moods, like a blanket? Why do I end up wandering back to their cradling arms, as if I need them — can’t live without them? What goodness does my being Down bring?

What a morbid, twisted reality we live in. I have the choice to kick the Funk, lock it forever away. But it’s as though I want it, I like it. Why? Why would I be addicted to something that doesn’t serve me?

Or does it serve me, somehow?

Exploring The Benefits of Down:

What could possibly lurk behind Down’s ruffles that brings benefit to my soul?

* The contrast of Down makes me appreciate Up! Like recovering from stinging nettles, you feel so good when the burning stops!

* Perhaps there is a restorative aspect to it. . . Like being exhausted after a long day, looking forward to tucking into the covers and finally going to sleep. . .

* Kind of like drinking? Sometimes I just want to get wasted — open a bottle of good wine, and honker in for the night.

* Perhaps Down allows me to re-set, re-boot my system somehow, like turning off the Computer, shutting off the Cell Phone, in order to prevent a complete and total technological melt-down (and freezing or dumping of Memory, by the way).


Perhaps this restorative, re-booting factor is why I crave being Down from time to time.

Perhaps this explains why I surrender to it, just for a while, before gathering Up the energy to finally kick it in the ass!

Strategies for Shifting from Down to Up:

* Down is actually laughable. So LAUGH! It releases endorphins — the feel-good hormones that lower stress and boost our immune system. (In fact my anthropology friend, Susan, tells me that in times of high stress, Indigenous Peoples have a different reaction than us Westerners. They LAUGH! When near-tragedy strikes, instead of melting Down, they break Out into a Deep-Belly-Laugh :-)

* Look Up! Look at all that I have, the home, the food, the cars! (My husband’s older-model Toyota Camry ‘WonderCar’ broke down by the side of the road last week, in the dark, in a snowstorm, and other than the inconvenience of two COLD AAA tow truck rides in less than 24 hours, the mechanic says it’s not the engine that blew, just the timing belt. Phew!)

* Ask myself: Am I in mortal danger right now? NO. Am I bleeding out? No. I’m allowing a FUNKY feeling to accelerate into something way more significant than the emotional drop in life’s bucket it really is. . .

* Perspective Shift: Look at all the goodness that surrounds me, and always has. Look backwards and see how my life has worked out ‘perfectly’ up to now. For each experience from my past has brought me to where I am today. . . Know that my Life will continue to work, health-wise, financially, in every way. Just as it has throughout the years, in every other crisis.

(Although, ‘you can’t always get what you want’ — it appears to be true, you do somehow, get what you need!)

* Remember, I can switch from Down to Up like switching channels on a TV — like Tony Robbins and the Fire Walk I did in the early 1980s. But I have to LOOK UP in order to shift the energy — and I have to resist the temptation to Look Down. (In the Fire Walk: Looking UP = pain-free exhilaration. Looking Down = BURNED feet!)

* Gratitude — the true Energy Shifter. Gratitude replaces fear, replaces sniveling. It shines and brightens and lightens better than Bleach and Borax. (See: Gratitude Is . . . and My Yoda Story :))

(Get this: Gratitude is to Funk what Bleach is to Bacteria. I like that!)

* Action is King! When I’m ready to shake off my Down and come back Up, it’s time to Take Action! Do something to shift the energy! I’ve made a list of some of the Action choices available to me. Even scrubbing toilets works! (See: Action ~ Inaction)

Depression Emergency Kit:

Several years ago I set out to deal with my FUNK and compiled what I call my ‘Depression Emergency Kit’ — which I keep in the ready on the desktop of my computer.

Basically, my ‘Kit’ is a list of Strategies that help pull me Out of my Down.

I can call Up my Kit in a moment’s notice. (This is important, because when we’re Down, we forget — forget what we need to Do to rise Out of our current doldrums. That’s part of the definition of Down — a sort of amnesia that finds us emotionally groveling on the ground, unable to see Up, Out, God-ward.)

I’ve been testing my Kit for a couple of years now, and it WORKS!


When I’m Down, I call Up my Kit, scroll the list of Strategies (action steps, really), go for the one that seems at-the-time-doable, and — little by little — the Funk lifts, the Down turns Up, and I begin to feel myself again, the ‘Self’ I want to be — the ‘Preferred Self’ I’d like to be.

If you like, I’ll share my Kit with you. Because maybe you, like me, find yourself Down in the Dumps from time to time.

And you might even convince yourself that that’s OK, that you like to wrap your moods around you like a blanket, let yourself sag there for a while. . .

But then, as Funk goes on, you might find that you’d like to reverse the process — pull yourself Out. But discover that somehow, in your fog, you’ve forgotten what it takes to kick the habit — and begin the journey back Up, into your ‘Preferred Self’ — again. . .

So I’ll be presenting my Kit, in chunks, as it originally came to me. (See: Understanding Depression and Making Your Custom Emergency Depression Kit :))

Hope it helps!


Ring the Bell!

Alone ~ Self-Kindness ~ I Bring my own Party (to Life)

Molokai Hybiscus









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40 thoughts on “Depression Emergency Kit

  1. twinmama27

    Your toolkit is wonderful. I will have to put together one too. It’s much better if it comes from me because well meaning people who glibly tell me to get out of myself, do something fun, eat something healthy when I am in that place all sound like plastic morons who obviously don’t get it.


  2. cyleodonnell

    Great idea. Instead of this, I did something similar. It’s not about depression, but it’s on the same theme and you can literally exchange depression for the word in my “kit:” boredom! haha. I can’t say as it’s a kit, per se. But it is just more of a list. I work so tirelessly at my media/films/books/blogs/photography, that I have to tear myself away sometimes. So in those times, I instantly get bored because there’s nothing else going on. So I have this list of items that save me from the mundanity of it all>

    Thanks for following my blog, btw!

    I’ll look for more good stuff from you too!


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Great! Isn’t that neat how our wonderful minds can cross-reference material from one aspect to the other, as our need arises. After all, life’s all about energy and how we manage it.

      Gotta share with you a famous childhood quote from my then ten-twelve-year-old daughter: “How can anyone be bored when they know how to knit?” Tee Hee!

      btw check out her blog, the inspiration for mine. She used her “knitting energy” to build her own Tumbleweed Tiny House on Wheels . . .

      Looking forward to reading your blog!


  3. nancyrae4

    What an awesome list you’ve assembled. It’s great to know that some people get it and understand how depression and escape from depression works. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m looking forward to seeing more of yours.


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thank you! The good news is it seems to work. Looking forward, onward, Springward, horseward, lifeward — tired and happy from a few days out on the trail with my horse! 🙂


  4. numenor2008

    That’s quite a collection! Very impressive!
    I would like to add two additional thoughts: I have noticed that often depression is linked to low blood pressure (the brain fog, the unwillingness to leave the couch…) so anything that deals with the blood pressure will also aid to get rid of the depression.
    Another great treatment option is aromatherapy. The combination of rose and cardamom essential oils works wonders.


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thanks — good additions. I know Aromatherapy works because I’ve seen it work with horses. And with horses, there is no placebo affect.

      In fact, on the blood pressure topic, I take herbal capsules of turmeric and hawthorn berry powder daily. Turmeric fights inflammation, hawthorn helps heart and circulation, including stabilizing blood pressure 🙂

      I swear by these herbs, and I absolutely notice if I don’t take them. And you know how I found out about them? From how well I saw them work on horses. (They increase hoof growth and boost the immune system.)

      Please check out my horse blog:


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Awesome! Let me know how it works for you!

      My Grandma was a Christian Scientist. Her take-away message in life was: God is Love. It worked for her through all the trials of life — and it works for me. (When I remember . . . )

      Amazing how just turning our hearts outward, in LOVE, shifts the energy, shifts the outcomes. I agree with Keats. It seems all of life can be distilled down to these three little words — God is Love — and indeed, “that is all you need to know.”

      Thanks for sharing this! : ~ ))


  5. dfolstad58

    Thanks for looking at my post. I like this post because it is so full of creative and practical suggestions plus interesting images and bridges of ideas. For myself I found it too lengthy, I would break it up into smaller posts so no one skims the content. We live in a Twitter universe now and your blog deserves a wider read. Just my opinion. 1 John 4: 7, 8


  6. apocketfullofmotherhood

    Really enjoyed this. I love the focus on all the many different ways to tackle depression you’ve included! Having a plan with ideas prepared ahead of time is a great way to potentially help you get through a rough patch and find motivation where it otherwise may not have appeared. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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  10. anne leueen

    Excellent post and tool kit. I suffered from depression in my 20s and fortunately not in the 40 years since then. But I can still identify with everything you say. I wish I could have read your post back then. But the one thing I did that helped me was to go to dance class. Even if I felt like I was wearing a lead suit I would go to class and dance. It always helped. Thanks for this post I am sure it will help others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Wonderful :)) You turned the energy around by going to that class. By getting out, and making yourself DANCE :)) Let’s remember that with our horses — let’s make ourselves get up to the task of showing up and dancing with them :)) :))


  11. micheleballantyne

    Hi DawnSeeker,
    I have an approach called Focusing which I learned from my teacher Tom Brown Jr. (which approach I received by going out and going to Wilderness Survival classes at Trackerschool). The concept of focusing is also taught in a basic way in a book called Focusing, but Tom took us further in the exercise.
    First, you get yourself in a quiet place away from others, preferably in nature, be quiet for a minute, just enjoying relaxing, then after a few minutes, ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” and surrender to the first feeling that comes up. If the first feeling that comes up is, “Fine, I feel fine.” Say to yourself, “No, really, how are you REALLY feeling?” Then in a VERY LOVING, NON JUDGMENTAL way, you say, “That’s good to know!” Then you ask, “Why am I feeling this way?”, and surrender to the answer that comes to you. Again, no judgement, only love and understanding. Say, “Well, that’s good to know!.”
    Next, you set that feeling off to the side and you say to yourself, “Great, now aside from that, How am I feeling?” and surrender to the next feeling that comes up. Once you identify the next feeling, in a very loving, understanding, non judgmental way, say to yourself, “Good, that’s good to know. So why am I feeling this way?” Surrender to the answer and acknowledge that answer with love and understanding.
    Next, you set those first feelings aside and say to yourself, “OK, Aside from those, How am I feeling?” Surrender to the answer. Again, in a very loving understanding way say to yourself, “Good, that’s good to know! Now, why am I feeling this way?” Surrender to the answer and acknowledge it with gratitude.
    Tom told us to peel back AT LEAST 4 layers of feelings as a minimum, but he also told us, “When you think you have gone as far as you can go, keep going.”
    More likely you will find many, many layers of feelings and reasons why.
    This is peeling back the layers that make up that confusing mix of feelings which may be making you feel stuck, depressed, or confused. Bringing the individual emotions up and the why’s behind them, is healing because those feelings are being acknowledged in a very understanding way. There are reasons why we feel the way we do.
    The first time I did this exercise we were given 45 minutes. I kept being distracted after the first 10 minutes or so. We were each sitting out in nature away from anyone else. It was very difficult to stay on task of peeling back the layers of feelings, but each layer was a revelation to one degree or another. I had no idea each of those individual feelings were carrying on at the same time, contributing to how I was feeling overall. It’s almost funny, looking back, I would uncover a feeling and the way behind it, and get caught up in thoughts about it and completely forget I was doing an exercise! Then I would remember, and almost be startled that I had forgotten that fact! Then I would go to the next layer. Going deeper was difficult for some reason. I couldn’t imagine there could be another layer, but there always was! And the deeper I got, the more surprised I was at what feeling was in that layer (I kept going with dogged determination because I paid a lot of money for that class and I wasn’t about to waste any of my time learning all I could)!!
    Then the jewel . . . under all the feelings, I found myself. I had no idea until then who I really was. I can’t describe to you how I felt when I saw myself for who I really am, but I can say it was good, and I couldn’t stop weeping in absolute joy!
    When they called us back in to the lecture hall, I couldn’t stop crying. Tom said, “It’s about time you got rid of all that sh#*!” I don’t know if he understood I was crying for joy or not, but the experience was life changing.
    Before Tom sent us out to do this exercise, he told us to write down the feelings and the why’s as they came up. Once the exercise was done, he had us go through the list of feelings and circle the one that felt the most important to us. For many the most important feeling was not the first one we felt come up. He had us circle it and write a little #1 by it. Then we went through the list again, looking for the one that felt most important aside from the first feeling that was circled. When we found the next one that felt most important, we circled it and put a #2 by it. We continued circling and numbering the feelings until we felt we had circled all the important ones.
    By doing the second half of this exercise, circling the most important feelings to us, we might be surprised which feelings are most important or strongest, and which feelings that have not been circled are clouding or hiding our most important feelings.
    Some logistics:
    Sometimes the same feeling may come up more than once. Typically because of a different “Why?” That’s fine just write it down.
    Sometimes we may hover with a feeling for awhile before wanting or being able to move on to the next one. That’s perfectly all right, that feeling just needs a little more time to be acknowledged before setting it to the side and moving on to the next feeling.
    Sometimes you may not have any feeling come up. That has happened to me more than once in the past. What I do is say to myself, “OK, that feeling is not ready to be seen, or I am not ready to see it . . . that’s good to know.” and I set it aside and move to the next one.
    The most important thing to remember is to not be judgmental of yourself for your feelings. They are there and they are valid to you because you are feeling them. There will most likely be baggage contributing to some of your feelings, and that is all great and part of the layers you’re peeling back. It is all good. Digging deep, through it all, is a very introspective approach, and therapeutic, and healing.
    One of the things that makes this exercise such a jewel to me is that underneath all the feelings, I found the purity of me. I don’t know if others will experience the same thing, but I do believe that under all those emotions and reasons for the feelings, our true selves exist: pure, beautiful, amazing, powerful, undimmed, and beyond description. So peel away, be patient, enjoy the comfort of being able to feel your feelings and love yourself fully and unconditionally no matter what you are feeling. There is a reason you have your feelings, and you can be a comfort to yourself, but your feelings are not you. You are underneath all the feelings, at the core. YOU are truly amazing!
    At one time I thought that if I only know who I really was, spiritually, I would be able to handle anything. I have to admit that has not been the case. I still struggle and find myself knocked off balance. I still get depressed at times, always because I fear something. I can say, however, peeling back the feelings and getting the mix separated out, really helps me identify what’s really going on. Awareness in an incredible tool.
    Thanks for letting me share!

    Liked by 1 person

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  16. JBlaide

    I love all of this!! Thank you for taking the time to write this all out for to share with all of us. Depression is a really hard thing to deal with and I also love that almost everything you mentioned can be used not just to help depressive episodes but also other mental issues such as panic attacks and anxiety. I will definitely be revamping my own little strategy guide with some of your emergency kit tips!!


  17. gantt charts

    A fascinating debate is absolutely price comment. I do think that you should submit more about this topic, it may not be a taboo matter but usually persons do not discuss these topics.


  18. dansdailybloom

    Love ur writing style! Humorous, upbeat, great word pictures. I, too, had an emotional brake job then an emotional engine overhaul. Energy spiral inward, I agree. Fantastic creation-the Depression Emg. Kit. Thumbs UP, Dan

    Liked by 1 person


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