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Starboy in Sunlight

Soul Horse Ride

Horse Lovers — please visit my Horse Blog, Soul Horse Ride, where the Magic of Horse is available 24/7. Join me for a Virtual Ride, or come for an Actual Ride, in the Coastal Mountains above Southern California, Frazier Park area.

About DawnHoof — Dawn Jenkins, Lady Farrier

Good 'ol Chap

Who is Dawn?

Farrier (Horseshoer), Horsewoman, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Writer.

Before Dawn was 20 she: set out alone for 10 days on her horse, Rebel, into the wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest (outside Santa Barbara); worked as horse wrangler/trail guide for the UCSB Recreation Department; moved to Enumclaw Washington – built  an 18′ Sioux Indian Tipi – lived in her tipi in a cow pasture; and worked on a Dairy Farm – in the milking parlor, milking cows – taking care of “the Girls” (all 120 of them!).

In her 20’s Dawn: jumped out of a perfectly good airplane; got her Private Pilot license; started her own fashion business; flew 300 flight hours throughout Southern California; and bought her yearling Appaloosa/Running Quarter/Thoroughbred/Arab mare, Fanta, the foundation of her four generations of endurance and carriage horses.

Now she: rides and loves her four (Fanta-descendant)  horses; trims and shoes horses in Southern California; and has completed 14 years of flying to Hawaii every 6 weeks to trim and shoe horses in Paradise! Yahoo!


Life is a Journey


To reach Dawn, call:  (661) 703-6283           dawn@frazmtn.com


Shadow Dawn & Angel


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