Reminder: Miracles Abound

Of late, it seems the news, so bad. So sad.

Yet, Miracles do Abound.

Awful things do happen . . .

Yet Miracles still Surround.


Birds soar outside my window.

Golden boughs grace poplar trees.

Fall wildflowers paint the meadows.

All is not as it appears to be.

Grateful Squirrel

How do we reach up, Higher,

When things down here seem so low?

What proof do we have of Goodness and Love

Amidst such senseless acts of woe?


Bad days have always rushed towards us,

Yet good days, also, right along side.

Think back to Mom, to Grandma, the

Wisdom of a simpler Life and time.

Grandfather -- Army Air Service

Grandfather Conway Ulyate, U.S. Army Air Service, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

They weathered many, many storms.

Depression. War. Why?

Their loved ones also passed away . . .

Yet still, their chins kept up high.


What message can we learn from them

In times of fear and loss?

What hope and Love can they send to us

From the other side of the cross?

Vibrant California Rainbow

Dig deep into that calling

That Love writes in the Sky.

The Sunshine and the Moon Glow

Shall find a way to let us know —


Reminder: Brighten, not frighten.

Miracles. Do. Still Abound.

Be Grateful for the Good you have

When evil times surround.

Fall Leaf Shadow Bells

The best I know to offer

In times of trial and woe —

Is to tune my thinking up to the

Highest place I can go.


Rather than go down

The rabbit hole of fear —

Stay in Love. Light. Grace.

Stay in consciousness most clear.

Saint Francis statue


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Rick and Laddie


Copyright 2017


19 thoughts on “Reminder: Miracles Abound

  1. Samantha

    “Be Grateful for the Good you have

    When evil times surround.” You are surely right! It’s difficult, but we need to always remind ourselves of the good we have and have had.

    Liked by 1 person


    Dear Dawn…life does throw pie in our faces now and then. We have to learn how to digest those moments. I come from a generation (the 1930s) that, when faced with hardship, said, “Just get on with it!” We girded our loins and soldiered through, keeping our eyes open for a solution and asking God for help. Our families and friends were our refuge.


    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Thank you, Patricia. I so appreciate your generation’s toughness and grit! My parents, born in the 20s, were from the same strong stock — no bailouts, no credit cards. Hard work, and family, and faith in God. And it worked! Thank you for representing that generation so beautifully. I love my friendship with you. Your years of wisdom shine through every word you write :)) You are part of my friend and family refuge system!!! :)) :))

      Hope you are well and handling the recent heatwave. The horses are very well, getting bushy with winter coats. The colors of fall are peaking in golds, reds, amber . . . simply beautiful, this planet we live on! :))


    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Wow — amazing how we can write something, and yet forget the words that we penned. I read your comment and thought, How beautiful! Who wrote that? Then I read my piece again, and found that it had come through ME!

      Thank you, Pam. I really love your site. I learn more about the world through your thoughtful postings than anywhere else. You scour the news and report in on the high, the low (and lowest!) points going on around us. Then we can do our metaphysical work, uplifting and putting our own corrections into our lives, our thoughts. We can send the Love and Light into the areas most needed. :))


      1. Pam Vernon

        LOL yes I do the same sometime DawnSeeker. Find bits I wrote years ago & think the same. Hard to be objective with out own stuff. I learned that some time back now I think, to edit my own work I needed to wait days & weeks even before re-reading/editing. : )
        And thanks so much for the compliment re my site. It’s so good to know somebody benefits from it. We are in changing (& I think anyway) serious times right now. I hope to be able to read other sites & blogs like yours a little more in the coming days. Right now I have exams & deadlines to keep so my time is limited.
        Take care & keep writing : )

        Liked by 1 person

        1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

          :)) You take care, too, Pam :)) Not sure if I already shared my daughter’s harp music with you, but she is a wonderful fresh musical resource. She is also a Tiny House pioneer, having built her wee home and lived in it for five years now. I love to see (hear!) the solutions our next generation is generating!

          Also, I thought of you in regards to this gal’s water birthing site (link below). My two daughters were home births, one outdoors on the island of Molokai, Hawaii. (We swam her in the ocean, in a calm, tide pool area, at just two hours old, and daily after that. Amazing for soul and life development!) The other was a water birth (Ella, my harpist) at our beach house, in Malibu. So I was trilled to find this water birth advocate, and I think you’ll like what she has to say. Stay strong in your studies!!! :))


                1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

                  Great :)) It’s really amazing to talk with you from my home here in the California mountains and you in New Zealand. I have two guests who will be riding my horses with me tomorrow, so today and I did my “homework” — exercised the horses and put on new shoes — and the safe ride tomorrow is my “exam” :))


                  1. Pam Vernon

                    Yes, isn’t it? Always amazes me. When our grandparents, or great grands, depending on the age ; ) had to wait months for letters in the mail to communicate. Enjoy your ride tomorrow : )

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