Looking Glasses

My Miracle Book

Here’s a Strategy I’ve been working with that’s helped me throughout the past several years — I call it My Miracle Book. Read along, and discover that you, too, have a Miracle Book to write.

Pull your Miracle Book out when the going gets tough — and read it over for fresh inspiration, motivation and a boost in faith.


Half Empty or Half Full?

It seems much of our experience in Life depends upon on our own unique, day-to-day perspective.

Are our lives half empty — or 98% full?

My artist friend, Tina, refers to our individual vantage-point in Life as wearing “Perspectacles” — a combination of perspective and spectacles. (She then draws a little pair of eye glasses illustrating the point :))

After all, we each see Life through our own unique viewing window.

And we all want to know: Will my Life work out? Will I make it? Can I find work, buy food, pay my bills, gas my car, keep my home and fulfill my obligations?

Recently it seems these necessities press even harder. And because of these great needs, because of long-term stresses, our minds can seem ready to snap . . .

We do our best.

We trust God.

We pray.

But in our moments of fear and doubt, our oh-my-gosh moments of true need — the car just broke, and I don’t have the money to pay for it — how do we know that God’s really here for us?

How do we bolster our faith?


Proof of God and Goodness in My Life

A few years back at a time like this, while asking myself these types of questions, I pushed — and demanded — proof of God and His goodness in my Life.

And I came up with the little journal that I now call: My Miracle Book.

It’s oh so easy to blame my troubles on a tight job market, on the economy, on my age or stage in life — yet half of Life is how I deal with what I’m dealt — how I control my obsessive mind which clings to negative circumstance and, like an endless loop, won’t let go.

In this instance, my mind just refused to cut me slack. And it got me thinking: I work with horses, and I know how to deal with them.

Yet what about my brain’s deadlocks, fears? How do I control this beast within?

So I decided, in searching for a Strategy — why not treat my panicky brain like an animal, like a horse?


Whoever Moves the Other Guy, Wins

In the animal world, it’s all about dominance.

With horses: “Whoever moves the other guy, wins.”

Whoever causes the other to lose ground and keep on the run, retains the upper hand.

Could it be, like the horse, these rules are ingrained deep into our brains, into our primal reptilian core?

If my brain moves me — my being, my emotions — into panic and fear: I lose.

If I move the brain, my brain — quiet it, flex it, make it lick, pivot, back down, like the horse: I win!!

Why not take control of that demonic stronghold that causes panic and fear in my Life — and let God, goodness, take the lead — and win!


Writing The Book

So I began My Miracle Book journal by writing the following:

“How do I know God’s real? Where’s my proof — since all my Life depends on this fact.”

* And I set out to supply my fearful mind with unshakable proof — examples of the miracles I’ve already received in Life. So that I could move my little frightened mind, and get it to yield to the Greater Good.

* I began by remembering a years-ago near-miss car accident (there seemed no way to avoid it). And I wrote a paragraph about that. Surely, that was a miracle. I didn’t die, didn’t get hurt, didn’t lose my income. Instead, the truck careening towards me somehow missed!!!

* And how about my children, and my husband, and the miracles they are in my Life.

* The legacy I received from Grandma and Mom and Dad, and all the goodness they taught and lived.

* My horses, my amazing Life adventures. Flying airplanes, travel, our beautiful home.

* And I realized there were other times I could have crashed, could have died — but was spared. And I wrote a bullet point and paragraph about each of those incidents: Horse accidents, carriage wrecks, hiking, cycling. Lightning strikes, falls, ocean incidents, more car accidents . . .

* Then I remembered times of healing and health miracles, both for myself and family members, and wrote them out.

* And financial miracles!!! Times of need when I received provision by completely unexpected means.

So I wrote and I wrote . . . fourteen pages of miracles, and I’ve been adding more, ever since.


My Conclusion

And after those first fourteen pages, I read them over, and wrote the following conclusion:

WOW!! I left more room for more stories — and I’m sure I’ll need even more room to tell ALL the proof I have that God is Real! And that is the only question I need to answer. Because if God is REAL, than I have all His promise for me, and NOTHING to fear. All shall truly work out! And He shall direct my path!!

* I know God is Real

* God talks to me

* God protects me (and those I love)

*God guides me

*God provides for me

* God heals me

* God reveals things to me

*God makes all things good!!

*God answers prayer

*God is on my side


But What, you might ask, about the Bad Things?

I have learned that All things work together for good — the good and the bad. And many of my testimonies of how God works miracles in my Life include seemingly bad things that ultimately work together for good.

Please see my post: The Assignment, Guide to Greater Happiness and be sure to read My Yoda Story.


More Miracles

Then, as time went on, I thought of more and more miracles: Synchronicities. Revelations. Intuition. Dreams. Visions. Near-misses. Manifestations.

* So I wrote bullet points and paragraphs about each new one I remembered.

* And then even more miraculous things and incidents came to mind.

* And now I realize, they are all around me! Big miracles. Small ones.

* And my gratitude has increased, and my faith has rebounded!

* And My Miracle Book is nearly full. And I know I’ll start another after this.

* And I look for miracles now. And I expect them.

* And I thank God for them, even before they have happened.

* And in time of need, I write my affirmation of thanks, and know that He shall provide for me.

* And He ALWAYS DOES provide the miracle!


Your Miracle Book

So now go and find yourself a pretty little blank journal.

Title it: My Miracle Book.

And start: Thinking.




And discover the rich miracles your Life contains.

Come to your own conclusions.

And then I hope you’ll let me know about the string of miracles your Life has become :))


Definition: Miracle

From merriam-webster.com: 

Date: 12th century
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin miraculum, from Latin, a wonder,
marvel, from mirari to wonder at
  • an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs
  • a extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment
  • Christian Science: a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law

From print version Webster Dictionary, Copyright 1956:

  • an event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws and is hence thought to be due to supernatural causes, especially to an act of God
  • a remarkable event or thing; marvel
  • a wonderful example: as he is a miracle of fortitude


Final Thoughts

So I’m going with the ‘remarkable event or thing’ definition. And I’m in with the ‘all Life’s a miracle’ sentiment.

And the biggest surprise in writing My Miracle Book has been discovering that I cannot ever stop — the book is never truly done — because all of Life contains miracles, and all the miracles seem somehow connected.

Linked together.

And talking about one brings up another whole set of miracles.

And remembering them bolsters my faith.

And quiets my fearful mind!

Thank God!

:)) DawnSeeker :))

Tropical Reflections


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Copyright 2014

13 thoughts on “My Miracle Book :)

    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thanks JF — my mare is expecting a foal in a week or two, and my daughter expecting our first grandbaby, too. :)) We got rain in Southern California over the weekend, which we desperately need . . . so all is well. How’s it going on your end of the world?


      1. JF

        Congratulations with the two coming miracles and the very best to you and everyone you love!
        We are waiting for some rain and mushrooms. In the meantime I enjoy walking and taking photos with DIGITAL camera (first in my life). We are in Pocono Manor with friends and grandchildren. Best time of year!


        1. DawnSeeker Post author

          Awesome!! Yes, best time of year for so much right now :)) Enjoy your family, friends and the CAMERA! That’s very exciting — so immediate. Nice to talk :))


  1. Katie Andraski

    I enjoyed reading this. What a great idea to write down the miracles in your life and to turn your attention to them. What kind of horses do you have? Do you drive them? I just started driving my horse and am thoroughly enjoying it. (That in itself is a bit of a miracle on both counts–hers and mine.)


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Yes, I do drive :)) Glad you found my little piece, and glad you enjoyed. Four generations of homebred horses, I’m happy to say, and a new foal due any day.

      Here’s a link to my latest horse blog post: http://soulhorseride.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/i-ride-into-the-painted-desert/

      I read over your posts just now and I enjoy your writings. Isn’t Life the ever-challenge? And we have so much fresh material to work it all out through. A grand design, if we can just allow it :(( Therein lies the challenge :))


  2. http://theenglishprofessoratlarge.com

    Dear Dawn…..What an inspiring journal! I can sit down and thoughts just fly by of the miracles in my life, even when I was unaware they were happening. Yes, I’ve had some tough times, and they’re not over yet, but somehow, God comes through. My daughter has a saying, “Let’s see how God handles this one.” As the old Russian adage goes, ” Pray, but keeping rowing towards shore.” So, we pray for guidance as to the steps we should be taking.
    I hope to see you sometime this summer. Right now, Candace is blind in one eye and we are busy scuttling back and forth to doctors and specialists and MRI machines, etc. as no one, yet, has come up with a solution for her healing. We’re rowing towards shore waiting for God to show the right way or right doctor. Please send a prayer for her. Take care of yourself and your great family of humans and horses. I send you much love.


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Oh Patricia, you’ve got prayers from me! My heart goes out to Candace with her eye issue — but know that God is good — he has this all in his loving hands! He has a path for the two of you — and will reveal a plan.

      It seems all of us are pressed right now. The Supermoon has Superpressure of sorts. But, as you say — “Let’s see how God handles this one!” And he shall!

      Keep writing your miracles. They have a healing affect. Hope to see you soon!!! :)) How is the little mister working for you? I hope it’s keeping you cool.



  3. Dalo 2013

    What a great and inspirational post…it is like getting back in-touch with not just who we are as people, but allows us to take a step back and really appreciate all the good that life has to offer and thus making it easier to take the next step. Wonderful post Dawn…and congratulations on the two new miracles entering your life (foal and granddaughter). Cheers!


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thanks, Dalo :)) Yes, this is my fallback position whenever I need PROOF of Life’s Goodness — when doubt creeps (or smashes) in. I am ALIVE! And so many times over, could not even be here.

      What better reason to get on with Life and to LIVE — to take fresh risks and chances. Enjoy my friends, horses, family . . . and rise to my work in a new, inspired way!

      Take care — I’ll let you know when the little ones arrive :))


  4. Michelle Sherlock

    I journal too, not necessarily quite in the same way but with the same effect. I look for answers to prayer and record them as well as keeping track of what I have prayed about. I also use it as a diary and a place to write my poems.


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Isn’t journaling a wonderfully safe place to work out Life’s issues. :))

      I’ve been reading people’s blogs and reactions to Robin Williams’ death today — I lost my Bigger-than-Life Dad to a heart attack when I was 16.

      Robin Williams’ loss hit very close to home for me, and close to my heart. Somehow it helps to read how other people deal with loss, and thus, with Life. We all learn from each other. :))

      Read about my Disneyland Dad here:



  5. Pingback: Making Your Custom Depression Emergency Kit: | journal of dawn

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