Bubbles with Whale

Will it All Work Out???

One of the BIG questions we have in our journey in Life:  “Will it ALL work out???”

Will I be able to:

  • Pay the rent?
  • Buy gas?
  • EAT?
  • Engage in a meaningful career?
  • Find a mate?
  • Raise the kids?
  • _____________________ ?
  • (and so on . . . )

The questions change as Life goes on. But the questions still persist.

And it’s up to each one of us to find the answers.

Not so much from the outside, as we are tempted. But rather from the inside — from deep inside our souls.

Giant Coreopsis at the Pacific

Symptoms vs. Cause

It’s easy to think, “If only I had more money . . . If only I had a mate . . . If only I could loose weight . . . ”

But these are merely symptoms, not the cause.

These are modern-day Sirens luring us out to sea, beguiling us off our steady course. Making us think that if we just had this one extra element, Life would be Bliss.

Yet, the Purpose of Life seems to be found in learning how to take control of our thoughts — our fears, our needs — and turning those very obstacles into the generators of solutions.

Flipping them into opportunity:  For growth. Wisdom. Depth of character.

Rather than excuses for anxiety, worry, depression, doubt.

Malibu Springtime Paradise :))

Test Run . . .

I remember, years ago, sitting with my brother and his wife. I was losing my rental; they were losing theirs. Neither of us knew where we would move, or what would happen next.

I had two small girls, four horses and a milk goat. They had a household of belongings, as well as a recording studio full of specialized sound equipment. Not easy rentals to find.

As much as I was tempted to freak out, I knew from previous demonstrations, that fear and panic wouldn’t work. Not only wouldn’t it help me find my next rental, it would likely assure my homelessness.

So in that moment, twentysomething years ago, I remember receiving a fresh inspiration. With the three of us, sitting on the floor — I spoke these words:

“Looking back on our Lives, everything has worked out perfectly, bringing us right here, to where we’re at right now. (We’ve made it though other times of uncertainty!)

And right now, we’re fine.

“So, I’m going to trust that the same energy that has brought us this far will continue. I’m going to throw that energy that’s carried me here, out in front of me.

“I’m going to say ‘Thank you!’, rather than worry.

“And I’m going to know that ALL things will work out, just as they have, up until now.

“Let’s each of us make this an experiment, and see how that works!”

Heart Whale Bubbles


All three of us put that philosophy to the test that day, and beyond. And I’m happy to report:  It’s worked — and still working :))

As I look back on my Life from my current vantage point, things have worked out. For all of us.

Why? Because there’s always a solution :))

Always a way to bring us through Life’s challenges.

It seems to come when:

  • I take control of my thoughts.
  • Shift from fear to gratitude.
  • And listen to, and follow, my intuition.

From when I look up, and align with the Divine.

Malibu Overlook


So if you’re at a crossroads, if you’re struggling — know that your solutions are at hand. (May I remind myself, as well.)

Know that you have the ability shift your attention from worry and doubt — into calm and peace.

Like an athlete, controlling the temptation to fumble.

Like a pilot, knowing her ability to land that plane!

Like a surfer, melding with the ocean, and riding that swift, tumbling wave.

Throwing that same energy out in front of you that’s carried you here, today.

Skyhopping Whale -- Pt Dume, Malibu


And the demonstrations don’t stop.

As long as we’re here on this Earthly plane, we battle the tug-a-war:  Our inner demons vs. our outer needs.

So take your deep breath.

Shine bright in living your skills.

Trust in that energy that guides you.

And know — It really will ALL work out :))

Big Blow

For more evidence of this philosophy see:  My Yoda Story.

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Photos:  Dawn Jenkins (Malibu, Point Dume — Whale migration and Superbloom)


19 thoughts on “Will it All Work Out???

  1. Dalo 2013

    Beautiful words Dawn, very inspirational and your quote “Throwing that same energy out in front of you that’s carried you here, today.” is powerful ~ and all of it is matched with your photos. Wish I could have seen the Superbloom in person and to top it off you have whale migration as well. Cheers to a great May ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Thank you, Randall :)) Such a magical Malibu Spring. I grew up on the beach there, and never before witnessed the leaping, bubbling display of whales I saw that day. The flowers are Giant Coreopsis* and only bloom in Malibu briefly in the springtime, this year being the most prolific. Yes! May will bloom well up here in the mountains. Take good care, and great photos to you :)) Dawn

      * from Wikipedia — The stem of Coreopsis gigantea is a trunk up to 1 metre (3.3 ft) tall, and 4–10 centimetres (1.6–3.9 in) in diameter. The plant can reach 4 feet (1.2 m) high by 2 feet (0.61 m) wide.[6] It is summer deciduous, leaving a sculptural bare trunk and branches during the dry season.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Thank you, Tanja — I took a nice winter off, and am so happy Spring is emerging in our mountains :)) Just this week, leaves returned to the cottonwood trees, the horses hair coats are shedding, and I saw four juvenile CONDORS (tagged, but soaring free!) — one right overhead — for the first-ever time (I’m within an hour of their habitat). Hurray!!! Enjoy the Great Outdoors, and let me know when you might visit Southern California. I’ll take you for a nice horseback or carriage ride :)) Dawn

      Liked by 1 person

      1. tanjabrittonwriter

        Spring is my favorite time of year, too! How incredible that you can see condors from your home! I am envious. When we visited the Grand Canyon a few years back, I did not know about them there, so we will either have to go back to AZ, or visit CA, in which case I would love to see one from horseback or a carriage. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

          Hurray :)) Condors are so rare, I saw them only once before, fifteen years ago, soaring high overhead (and I’ve lived here in Condor territory for 25 years now, out and about, on foot and on horse). These were young, happy, on the wing — soaring as if just for fun, in the end of day light, over a great expanse. I’ll upload my pics and incorporate in a post :))

          Liked by 1 person


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