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Oh the precious memories of a Life well lived :)) I think the BIG QUESTION we all have: Will my Life actually work out? Will it all go well? Will I have a house? A job? Will the kids turn out? Can I pay my bills . . . ???

In my Life, it has! Have I had my ups and downs? Indeed! Yet there’s always a Silver Lining beyond every mishap. We fall down, get back up, dust ourselves off — and learn from the venture.

We add the needed corrections to our lifestyle, to our behavior . . . And we find ourselves blessed beyond measure — living here, on this beautiful planet, Earth, that we get to call home!

Malibu Winter Foliage!


Lately I’m marveling at how beautifully Life has turned out . . . From the ashes and angst of my youth, all is well. I’ve made peace.

And realizing, one day, it will all be gone. In a flash — transformed into the next dimension.

I awoke today with these first stanzas, and the feeling accompanying this:

Bounty for the Soul
By DawnSeeker, July 9, 2017

Years ago a little boat
Set sail on Life’s vast sea —
Alas I’ve come to realize,
The little boat was me!

Searching the shores for treasures
Of all that Life unfolds . . .
Finding, now, my holds are full
Of bounty for the Soul.

Not just lovely belongings
Grace my cabin, dear — but
Friendships wrought from Life’s hot forge:
Iron. Grit. And fear.

Soft, the tender blossoms,
Outside my windows bloom.
From the soil of turbulence
My Soul contains a room

Filled to overflowing
(Feel the inner joy!)
Memories of encounters
With daughters, moms, and boys.

Time, the grand illusion,
Unwinds its iron clasp.
My little ship shifts between
The present, and the past . . .

I see again the faces,
I hear again the voice.
I realize my happiness
Truly is a choice.

And so I end my journey
Much as it had begun.
Searching Life’s shores for treasures,
I realize, I’ve won!

All I really wanted
Lays hidden in my Soul:
Not the things, the friendships,
Truly Life’s Journey’s goal.



For how this all worked out so well, philosophical posts abound:

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Self-shadow shot

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10 thoughts on “Bounty for the Soul

    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thank you :)) :)) It was very special to awaken with this imagery this morning, and then to honor the gift by spending time with it, discovering the bigger message, and scribing it all down :))

      Liked by 1 person

  1. KathrinS

    Loved the poem, especially the beginning and the end. So wonderful that you’re happy with the way your life turned out! I am hoping the same for myself.

    Kathrin — mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      I wanted to post this to encourage your age group. I struggled, too!!! You’ll get there :)) Pray, look up — see the Good in all that’s around you. Make the best decisions you can. Keep working on yourself. Enjoy the Journey :)) !!!!

      Liked by 1 person


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