Silhouette Bell

“Heaven’s bells and Angel’s wells
Can in our Hearts be held.”  ~ DawnSeeker

Ring The Bell!

Here’s a little ritual I’ve done for many years:  When something Good happens, I ring a bell! Cow bells, large and small. Jingle bells. Hand bells. Hanging bells . . .

Enjoy this little poem about the magic released by this small, humble act.


Hummingbird Bell


Heaven’s Bells!

When ‘ere a Good thing happens,
I like to ring a bell!
So something Good gets recognition
Just for being swell.

All kinds of chatter follows
Those things that are bad.
But when a Good thing happens,
We must show just how glad

We are Good joined us —
And dropped in for a spell.
Heaven knows there’s far too much
Attention paid to hell!


I have my own collection of bells
In every size.
I love to hear them dance and sing,
And promptly come alive.

It’s like they open Heavens doors
Every time they ring —
And Angels reach and clap their hands
Every time they sing.


So get yourself a little bell —
Keep it close at hand.
And when a Good things happens,
Shake it something grand.

And then you’ll hear them singing:
Angels from on high.
Every time you ring your bell
You’ll feel the Angels nigh!

So grab your bell and ring it —
Of this I ‘m very glad.
Heaven’s bells and Angel’s wells
Can in our Hearts be had.

Shadow Bell


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Copyright 2014

12 thoughts on “Ring The Bell!

  1. Dalo 2013

    That is great…a good tradition to have, bells always seem to have a great meaning (my mom would ring an iron cast bell/chime (like a triangle on a ranch) to signal dinner when I was in the park playing ball ~ always music to my ears 🙂

    I need to find a bell…


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Psychic, I say! I just flew home from Hawaii on a red-eye flight Friday night — I should be exhausted and fast asleep. But for some reason I’m wide awake right now at 3:05 am!

      (And I trimmed horse hooves for six hours earlier today, or rather yesterday, Sunday.) So why am I awake right now?

      So, literally, thirty seconds before the ‘Like’ star appeared with your Gravatar, I got a flash of YOU, Randall — I thought of all the amazing things you post, your photograph, your creative thoughts and artful words . . . and I wondered if you’d see this post, like this . . .

      And then the Star flashed, and it was YOU. Now that’s connected!! 🙂

      So, my “Connected-over-Time-and-Space” friend, I’m glad you liked this, and even happier that you commented!

      I love those big triangle bells! What a great childhood memory! And yes, most definitely, I predict a bell will find a way into your life, very soon! :))

      Nice to hear from you, my Far-Away Friend!


      1. Dalo 2013

        That is great…there is something within the universe, its particles that create a connectedness that is pretty cool. I returned back to HK a couple days ago, and am waking up at 4am (and feel pretty good), so I can feel for you. It is also nice when after travels, you have a good day (i.e. trimming hooves for 6 hours), have a good honest tired feeling. Hopefully you get some rest ~ and great sleep later 🙂

        Will do some bell shopping this week!


        1. DawnSeeker Post author

          Awesome! Let me know what bell you get! 🙂

          I did that detox cleanse last trip home and lost ten pounds — my body feels so much younger! I worked better this trip than in years. Amazing to feel so great again — age reversal is possible.

          Welcome back to HK — I’m digging dry Cali (Hawaii very wet this winter). Going to see MY horses now! Yippee!!!!


          1. Dalo 2013

            Will do! Agree about age reversal, takes more awareness as we grow older but that is just part of the process. Enjoy the day (and a good nights rest). Cheers!


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Ring! Ring! Ring! I agree — and it’s really fun and uplifting, too. Let me know what kind of bell you find :)) (Oh, I just had the thought — the little bell is looking for, and will find you!!!)


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