My Jeep -- hauling horse carriage shafts

My Jeep — hauling horse carriage shafts

Ode to a Jeep

A Jeep — what a mundane topic? Rather, a Miracle, I say. And not one to be taken lightly.

My Jeep was down for repairs this past week — good thing we have a back-up vehicle. Living here in the mountains, it just kind of comes with the landscape. Especially when our family’s combined mileage add up to over a million!

(My husband’s ’97 Toyota Camry will soon turn 600,000 miles — my ’99 Jeep Grand Cherokee passed 300,000 this year. Back-up ’90 SUV, 270,000.)

Malibu Jeep Reflection

But we love our true-grit older vehicles.

Here’s a poem from my Journal about my beloved Jeep — written three years ago, when it was down with a blown engine. Quite a Miracle, really!

Shoeing horses, shadow Jeep

Shoeing horses, shadow Jeep

At the time I had no extra money and absolutely no idea where I’d get the $6,000 for the rebuild. And yet, by applying my Life Strategies (see The Assignment: Guide to Greater Happiness), by staying in Gratitude and taking Action, my Jeep was fixed and back on the road in just six weeks.

Hallelujah! (May God also bless the backup vehicle.)

So here’s a small Ode to my Good ‘Ol Jeep. : ~ ))


Horseshoeing out of my Jeep

My Jeep

My life support
my time capsule
my spaceship

My skyrocket
my teleport
my reality

My climate control
my cocoon
my fortress

My friend
my comrade
my companion

My tipi
my caravan
my bivouac

My workhorse
my meal ticket
my technological revolution

My warehouse
my manufacturing plant
my store front

My chariot
my ramrod
my armor

My safety net
my oasis
my Jeep!


Icycles Under my Jeep


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Skid Marks -- Luckily NOT made by my Jeep : ~ ))

Skid Marks — Luckily NOT made by my Jeep : ~ ))


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6 thoughts on “Ode to a Jeep

  1. nancyrae4

    I’m glad I’m not the only person in love with their best four-wheeled friend. But, did I read you correctly? Toyota Camry with 600,000 miles? How the devil did you do that?:)


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      The neatest part is the ORIGINAL TRANI — that’s the most amazing thing! He always uses the “Out of Overdrive” button when pulling a big hill. We live up the Grapevine in Southern California at 6,000′. He drives to Hollywood every day, nearly sea level, and back. Simply AMAZING!

      Had the engine “small block” rebuilt about ten years ago. Since then he ALWAYS changes the oil at 3,000 miles. Like a religion. (Synthetic oil.) And it sure seems to work!

      What kind of car do you love? Absolutely amazing technological wonders, aren’t they!


  2. thegoodgrit

    I’ve always wanted a Jeep! I’ve been telling myself that when I save up enough money I’m going to buy one of the old school ones that you can take the top off of.

    I’m glad that I found your blog. My Dad is also a farrier, writer, and deep thinker. It seems to me that you’ve got the same qualities. I look forward to reading more!


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Go for the Jeep when you can! But set aside money for the repairs, as the older ones need caring for . . .

      Yes, farriers make fine philosophers. It comes with the work, somehow. We have a rare profession that enables us to be outdoors, working with horses and with Nature, and time to think.

      Where does your Dad work? Is he AFA? I’d love to read a piece on being a farrier’s daughter. Quite a perspective. I mean, what did your dates think???



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