Tree Face :))

Enjoy this Trio of poems that tie together the aloneness we all face in Life — and the opportunities we have to share and spread good cheer. Party on! :))


Oh, you better learn to love

being by yourself

For most of life is spent

all Alone . . .


In your own company,

like it or not —

With your own commentary

along Life’s path.


And really, that’s not

so bad as one would think —

Because you are, indeed,

creative and kind —


You look and see

where you can help,

And rise-up to make

this World a sweeter place . . .


So learn to love

being by yourself

And be creative and kind

to your own self, too!


Molokai Egret Preening


To your self, say good things,

As you do with those you treasure —

Words of encouragement

And cheer . . .


Treat yourself to little

Surprises, and be

Generous with yourself,

To yourself, for a change!


And stop grumbling!

Start enjoying Life :))

And enter the flow of

Life’s Grand Design.


Accept yourself,

Improve yourself,

Love yourself,

Give of yourself . . .


Rubber Duckie

I Bring My Own Party

I bring my own Party

to my Life, to my travels —

Because I know, full well,

there might not be one!


Unless I bring the open heart,

the reaching out, the cheer . . .

Someone else might have forgot —

and normalcy might reign.


Zombie-eyed worker-bees

mutely trudging through the

Doldrums, carrying on.

Another dollar. Another day . . .


And what an opportunity

missed, by my not thinking

Forward enough to embody

what’s needed to rise


Above the ordinary in Life

and bask in the spontaneity

Of Wow! Right Now!

Laughter. Sharing. Joy.


I’m ready, yes, to give:

Horseshoe nails (they bring good luck!),

Belgian chocolate, a little book,

mountain honey, tropical soap . . .


Warm words of humor, and praise —

some quirky banter, a complement,

A small philosophical chat, some

Kind of interaction and exchange . . .


And this keeps my Life

fresh, and this expands my

Circle of friends — mini-parties,

many exchanges . . .


And this balances

my times Alone —

Laughter, Uplift,

Party on! :))


Gas Cap Heart


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Copyright 2014


15 thoughts on “Alone ~ Self-Kindness ~ I Bring my own Party (to Life)

  1. Dalo 2013

    A great trio of poetry… I really liked the first one, because loneliness is such an important part of life (balances out connections & relationships) and then I got to your last poem, and loved it. “Above the ordinary in Life, and bask in the spontaneity, Of Wow! Right Now!, Laughter. Sharing. Joy.” that is a great stanza! Live, love, life.


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thanks, Randall — great to hear from you! Yes, we both travel, I know you get the Alone thing. It’s one of Life’s constants, whether married or not, a parent or not. And yet, if we work at it, Alone can be so much fun. Life is truly what we make it. Aloha!


    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Glad to hear it — Life is an unfolding of consciousness, and these are the sentiments I’ve been working with the past few weeks. Part of the cosmic fabric right now. Expand! :)) It sure beats the opposite . . .


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  3. wildatheart1

    I needed to hear the self kindness one! It is so truthful especially “philosophical chats” are what keep me going. Just a conversation here or there. A meaningful connection that means so much.
    You really are a beautiful writer! And a lovely poet! All your writing I have read so far is like music!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof Post author

      Thank you, Linda 🙂 Summer is racing on. Thank you for reminding me to bring my own party — I shall remember to do that this warm evening, when I look forward to several hours of very hard physical hoof work! Best to you — please stay in touch 🙂 Dawn

      Liked by 1 person


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