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Making Peace . . .  On Life ~ And Death ~ Part III ~

“We are ALL connected . . . We are not isolated islands. We are interconnected, and we all affect each others’ Lives. Remember . . . Celebrate Sherrie’s crossing over. Celebrate Sherrie’s Life!”  D.T.

When Tragedy Strikes ~ Lessons About Life ~ From Dying

Ten years ago this Spring, one of my best friends was killed while riding her horse. This is the final post in a series of my struggle with the loss of my good friend, Sherrie T.

Take a deep breath. It’s a difficult topic. Yet, one Life demands from us . . .

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It took a long time to sort through my many emotions, losing Sherrie.

Loss. Grief.

Alongside happiness for having known her.

Gratitude. Elation.

It was difficult making sense of it all.

Not long after losing Sherrie, I talked with a wise client, D. T., and had a conversation with her about what happened. She shared with me her Sage perspective.

Here are my notes: Life ~ Death ~ Lessons

As difficult as it seems, good things — lessons — come through a person’s death. These are some of the biggest lessons in a person’s Life — at the time of passing over. Such as:

* How we cope

* The lessons we learned from their Life

* Reflect with clear eyes vs. sainthood. (We tend to put away faults when a person dies, but not when they are alive)

* We learn: To let go. To LOVE

* Not to dwell on picky-uny things

* To Rejoice in Life! It’s a Grand Gift!

* To prepare ourselves for our own passing


Canoe off Lani Kai

It’s OK to Cross Over – We will be Fine

* Sherrie accomplished what she needed to accomplish.

* The trick to Life is to listen to our Intuition, our “Little Angels”

* Sherrie’s death started us all in Self-Reflection — raised everybody’s insight . . .

*** She needed to hear the vocalization of who she was — hence, my poem. She heard it. She got it! The acknowledgement. Perhaps there was no need for her to stay any more. Perhaps this was the missing link to her Life Puzzle.

* It’s OK to cross over — we will be fine :))

* Her passing presented the final lesson to many people whom her Life had touched

* Death brings out the best — and the worst in people. That in itself is part of the lesson

* We are not the victim. We fight with reality — but we have free choice. We tune into our higher self, and we make choices . . .


Plumeria Blossom in Roots

~ We are All Interconnected ~

And in hearing all this I flash on Sherrie at the Endurance Ride when we first met, when she asked me if I would come and trim her horse’s hooves. And I suddenly realize a new lesson, a new connection with my Life, and Sherrie.

I say to D. T., tears in my eyes, “You wouldn’t have me work for you were it not for Sherrie. She launched my Hoofcare career. She started me working for other horses and people, rather than just my own horse herd.”


And D. T. reminds me, “We are ALL connected . . . We are not isolated islands. We are interconnected, and we all affect each others’ Lives.”

“Remember . . . Celebrate Sherrie’s crossing over. Celebrate Sherrie’s Life!”


Iwa Bird in Flight

The Ultimate LESSON:

And I realize that she’s right! A Life lived is worthy of Celebration!

And she reminds me:

* Family, friends, we’re all OK!

* People slip in, slip out of this Life

* When it’s time to move on — someone else is going to fly on in . . .

* Accept this — Love this —That’s the way it’s supposed to be, Life. An endless chain of lessons


Hobie Cat

Celebrate Sherrie’s Life!

It is well with my Soul.

I Love you, Sherrie. And I know that you’re happy in your new surroundings.

I know that I shall see you again!

And just as I have learned from your Life, I’ve learned from your death.

Ten years have passed, yet I still feel you with me :))

I see you in my work, and in the people and horses and animals that surround me!

I thank you for reminding me to stay safe, centered, calm.

To look out from myself. And to connect with my environment, and with those around me.


The coffee I drink today,

         The kind words of encouragement I say —

                 This is My Life

Seize the moment —

       Savor the flavor —                    

              Make my connections.



Lighten up :))

I Celebrate your Life, Sherrie!

And through you, I am reminded to lighten up.

Celebrate my Life. As well as those Lives surrounding me.

And not to be so glum. Not to look for the picky faults in those I love.

For Life is short, and none of us really know how much time we all have here.


And I’m glad to be your friend.

Please enjoy your travels, ride your horses —Shiloh, Zephyr, and the rest.

And smile your beautiful smile!

And live your after-Life with Zest!

Until we meet again!


Sherrie’s up —

Up for travel, up for fun.

Life’s adventures just

Begun. She’s a marvel,

She’s possessed with a

Special kind of zest —

Sherrie T.!


Sunset Beach


Postscript: Sherrie’s husband,Tom is well. I speak with him every year, around the date of Sherrie’s passing. His Life is full, shared now with a beautiful, loving woman who lost her husband, around the same time Sherrie had died.

I also stay in touch with one of Sherrie’s good friends, and have learned from her that several women have stopped riding their horses that were considered unruly, unsafe — saving many from injury and accident. Thanks to Sherrie. And all that she’s taught us.


Round Rainbow








For insights into the lives of horses, please visit Dawn’s sister blog: Soul Horse Ride

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Starboy in Sunlight


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11 thoughts on “Making Peace . . . On Life ~ And Death ~ Part III ~

  1. Pingback: Anatomy of an Accident ~ On Life ~ And Death ~ Part II ~ | journal of dawn

  2. Wind Kisses

    I think is is an honor to see that you continue to enjoy Sherrie’s presence in your life. No one promised this journey would be easy; it’s not. But you’re grabbing it.

    It is said a person dies twice; once when they take their last breath and again when someone says their name for the last time. Say her name. Tell her stories over and over and over again. She lives now through your energized spirit, and those who loved her. I volunteer at a National Cemetery and often speak to those grieving over losses. Sometimes their children. I make them promise too. Say their names.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Samantha

    (I read all your entries on this topic yesterday on my phone, but somehow WordPress wouldn’t let me like any or comment – no idea why).

    It feels like the loss of your friend has deeply impacted you and actually her entire community of friends and family. I cannot imagine what her husband must be feeling, but I am glad you found a way to cope, take lesson from what happened, and listened to your intuition! It’s a funny thing, intuition, but somehow it’s almost always right D:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DawnSeeker Post author

      Thank you Samantha, for taking the time to read all this and go there with me. I waited a long time to put this up, and it all holds true. Intuition is key. And friendships are vital. We have to go outside of ourselves to find them. We have to take the risk of rejection, or that it won’t work out, or we’ll get hurt . . . or we’ll lose them! My friendship with Sherrie was one of the most important in my Life. The good news, it truly hasn’t stopped with her passing over. She’s always here within me, with her big warm smile :)) And what I’ve learned from her has truly saved me.

      Liked by 1 person


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