Imperfect Perfectionist

I want perfection, but I’m an imperfect perfectionist. Oh yes, I know all about that!

Imperfect perfectionists live Life through mental starts and stops, imagining that they’ll do this or participate in that. It’s a chimerical mind drug to them, planning their phantom actions ahead to the minutest detail, and yet thwarting every effort as it comes up.

Most ideas don’t ever get more than a half-baked start.

It makes it easy to criticize the actions (and non-actions) of others. I, of course, being more perfect than you, would have done it this way!

And yet, at least they are doing something — where as I end up doing nothing!

What a funny little game we play with ourselves. Our mental games.

But perhaps if I identify my foibles and tendencies here, in advance, maybe I’ll be able to STOP in the middle of my actions, go back to a more stable, mature outlook, and actually GROW UP!

Tree Face :))


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5 thoughts on “Imperfect Perfectionist

  1. Ayesha

    A wonderful reflection! Thank-you for posting it here! Indeed we’re too quick in judging others without looking at our own selves first! We all sin, just differently from each other!



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